The Selk’bag will satisfy your winter wonderland needs

A group of people walking in the woods in their Selk'bag wearable sleeping bags.
Credit: Selk’bag

I live in northeastern Wisconsin, also known to many as “the Frozen Tundra” (okay, that’s Lambeau Field’s nickname, but it is very appropriate!). Since I am often cold by nature (and the rest of my family is not), I can be found enrobed in thick blankets for much of the year. This can sometimes be problematic when I’m trying to work. I mean, how efficient can I be on the computer when wearing mittens? As you can imagine, finding a way to stay warm and efficient has been a goal of mine since moving here four years ago.

Enter the Selk’bag, a wearable sleeping bag. I mean, what could be better for me, right? It’s a sleeping bag (warm) that I can wear while working! There are three styles (Nomad, $249; Original 6G, $180; and Lite 6G, $100). Made of a nylon rip-stop softshell, polyester, and weather-resistant DWR coating, I could wear this outside if I’d like. The temperature rating is interesting: 44F for comfort and 9F for extreme. It makes me wonder where this was when my kids were playing pee-wee soccer and football! 

Two people sitting on a log wearing their Selk'bag sleeping bags.

When I received my Original 6G, I was impressed by the number of features.  Elastic hand enclosures allow you to cover your hands or leave them free, both cargo and kangaroo-style pockets, removable booties, ventilation zippers, and an insulated hood. Selk’bag claims that purchasers can use it for camping, traveling, sleeping, lounging, or anywhere, but I would quantify that statement.

While I like the sleeping bag, I would say that I don’t see myself wearing it around my house as often as I thought I would. I didn’t quite find it as comfortable as I had hoped. Perhaps it’s because I rather enjoy wrapping up in a soft, cozy blanket, but I felt very restricted in my movements when wearing the Selk’bag. On the other hand, I definitely see myself using this when riding 4-wheelers or hiking in the Northwoods in the fall. If you’re looking for a versatile option to bundle up, I recommend the Selk’bag.  I just wouldn’t reach for it as my first option when at home, inside.