Blundstone boots, more than a work boot

A woman wearing her Blundstone boots on the top of a mountain.
Credit: Blundstone

When I was in college, I loved my Dr. Martens boots. Since then, I’ve bought and worn out several different boots. Living in Wisconsin, this type of footwear is appropriate for most of the year (at least in my mind…it’s cold here!). I decided to try the Chelsea boots in black ($200) from Blundstone boots.  

Blundstone is a family-owned company based in Tasmania, Australia. They made boots for soldiers during World War I and II, had their footwear featured at the Olympics, and have even trekked up Mount Everest. In the 1970s, they received the Australian Design Award, the first-ever awarded to a footwear manufacturer.

A woman pulling on her Blundstone boots in snowy area.
Credit: Blundstone

These boots are made from premium water-resistant leather with black elastic triangles on each side to aid in putting the boots on and taking them off.  They are also leather-lined, have a cushioned midsole and removable footbed. The company sent an extra set of inner soles for people who need less room in their boots.  It is easy to remove the footbeds from the boots and exchange them for the comfort inner soles if necessary.  

I liked the feel of the boots the first time I put them on. They are lightweight and comfortable. Like with any shoes, there is a breaking-in period, but I expected that. I tried wearing them with socks of various lengths. I found that they were most comfortable when I was wearing socks that covered my ankles. When wearing the boots, I liked that my feet didn’t get too hot or too cold. Kind of like Goldilocks, they were “just right.”

Someone wearing the Blundstone boots while sitting over a field of long grass.
Credit: Blundstone

Remember that these boots were traditionally produced to be work boots? I wouldn’t necessarily call the look of them the height of fashion. My 18-year-old son told me they looked like “mom boots” to him. I chose the style or only his taste in shoes because I like the boots’ look. I think I would like to try the Rustic Brown Lace-Up Boots ($229) next. Maybe my son would like those better!

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