These are the easiest shoes to put on by Kizik

Easiest shoes to put on by Kizik

Easiest shoes to put on by Kizik

A few years ago, my siblings and I were looking for something to get our dad for Father’s Day. He mentioned that he would like some new tennis shoes that were easy to get on and off, but he was struggling to find some with backs that wouldn’t fold or crumple up. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – the part that goes over your heel and is supposed to stay upright but tends to wear down quickly if you’re not using a shoehorn. I was so happy when I found Kizik shoes. At the time, I just thought of the men’s Athens as good shoes that would (hopefully) be what my dad was looking for. Thank goodness these were exactly what he wanted and they are the easiest shoes to put on! As he had a bit of trouble (due to Parkinson’s Disease), these shoes have allowed him to put on and take off his shoes independently. Not only that, he reported that they were very comfortable.

Since then, I have noticed more ads about Kizik shoes that intrigued me. I wanted comfortable, stylish shoes that were different from what I already had. I decided to give them a try. Since Dad says they’re good quality, comfortable, and have stood the “back of the shoe” test, why not? I went on the website and found the women’s Vegas shoes in coral cream. They were exactly what I was looking for! Now I just have to decide if my next pair are going to be the Madrid Eco Knit ($99) or the Athens ($129).

What I like best about these shoes

What I appreciate about these new shoes is that I don’t have to bend down to tie them or wriggle into them. I don’t even need a shoehorn! They slide on quickly and easily; as Dad said, the backs haven’t broken. Besides all that, they truly are very comfortable. Kizik claims their insoles feel like a hug for your feet. I can’t say they’re wrong. Also, they are made of full-grain leather, so I think they will be durable. So far, I’ve worn them quite a bit and noticed no problems. 

Another thing I didn’t realize is that Kizik also has little kid shoes (10C-3Y) in three styles, Athens, Anaheim, and Prague, and they sell for $69. Not to be left out, big kids (3.5Y-7Y) come in the same styles and sell for $79. Since I have worked in special education for many years and have had students who struggled with putting their shoes on independently, I especially appreciate their tagline, “Handsfree footwear for all.”

Kizik claims their outsole feels like angels are massaging your feet. I’ve never had angels massage my feet, but they are soft and supportive. They also have surprising traction so that I won’t slip and fall and neither will my dad, nieces, or nephews. Kizik has surpassed my expectations and gets a seal of approval from my dad, too!