Essential coffee accessories for your quarantine

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In a world where my favorite coffee shop is closed, the necessity for making coffee at home greatly increased. Coffee is what helps me through the workday. I can only handle so many Zoom calls before desperately running down to the kitchen to make another cup. Being stuck to my own devices made me realize I needed to step up my game. If I was going to make my own coffee, I needed to switch it up and do it right. These are just a few coffee accessories I can no longer live without.

1. Capresso Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder ($160)

This burr grinder changed the way I make coffee at home. I’ve always hated coffee bean grinders because they are so loud. Capresso fixed that problem. The Infinity Plus is quiet, easy to use, and offers a wide range of grinding for every type of brewing method.

2. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Canister ($30)

An airtight canister is essential for keeping coffee beans fresh. Planetary Design created a lid that pushes air out of the canister to keep oxygen from destroying the flavor of your precious beans or grounds.

3. Frieling French Press ($90)

Frieling has renewed my love for french press coffee. This french press is designed with a three-layer, all-steel mesh filter reducing the number of coffee fines in my cup. Due to the double insulated, stainless steel wall, my coffee stays hot much longer than regular glass french presses. 

4. Coffee Gator Kettle ($40)

Making the perfect cup of pour-over coffee is tricky. This gooseneck kettle provides a steady flow of water for precision pouring. The kettle has a unique three-layer base to work on all stove-tops. The thermometer on the lid guarantees the right temperature every time.

5. Ember Mug² ($100)

This mug keeps my coffee hot all day using the charging coaster. I don’t have to worry about interrupting my workflow to warm up my coffee. The best part is, I can set the temperature exactly where I want it using the Ember app. 

Don’t forget the beans! A good cup of coffee depends on the quality of the beans. Intelligentsia is one of my favorites. It is a single-origin, direct trade bean, and it smells amazing. Right now, they even have free shipping on all orders

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