Everyone on Amazon is saying the same thing about this Iris non-stick cookware

You know when you see so many five-star reviews of a product on Amazon that there’s something special going on. The Iris Megastone Detachable Handle Cookware Set includes two pans, one for cooking eggs and other quick-fry items, and one that is deeper for fish and other meats. I used both over several weeks and for quite a few meals.

“It’s easy to clean and lightweight,” said one Amazon reviewer. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not an avid foodie in the kitchen and like to rely on Uber Eats to do my cooking, but when I do get down to business, I don’t like to fuss over the cooking accouterments. Make it fast and easy, because I probably have somewhere to go or a meeting happening on Zoom.

These pans are made of non-stick aluminum, but we’re not talking Target quality here. The Iris Megastone Detachable Handle Cookware Set is thick enough and meant for more serious chefs. When I cooked eggs and bacon, the pan heated up nicely and everything cooked more evenly that “the cheap stuff” I’m used to in the kitchen. I decided to fry up some fish in both pans and noticed the even temperature across the pan made it quite easy to not make a mistake.

The set includes the two pans and covers, plus a nice little wooden trivet, which is more important than you might realize. Both pans get quite hot. Again, Target-quality pans you buy in a massive box and wear out in a year don’t heat up evenly across the surface, and the pan itself doesn’t even heat up like high-quality cookware. I noticed just today that this two-pan set costs more than those megakits, but I’ll never buy those cheap sets again.

That’s the real secret. After many mornings cooking eggs, the results were consistently better than the cheap pans. Not only that, but the Iris Megastone Detachable Handle Cookware Set actually helped me cook faster because the pans get hotter.

That’s one small downside to mention. These are great for cooking, but because they do get hot, you have to be careful where you set the pans after you’re done. I also noticed it could be easy to scrap your stove if you’re not careful. (You have to lift the pan up, not slide it.)

Those are minor issues. I was expecting to be less enthralled by this cookware set because it’s not like I’m cooking all day. I was also surprised to find that the handle clips off which makes it easier to clean. I also envisioned using this set out at a campsite. The wooden handle never got hot at all, which was another surprise.

I don’t always trust Amazon reviews, and I spent some time reading through them. Almost everyone agreed that this is a nice set, with the only few complaints related to the price. I can see that. For $110, you can buy a lot of cheap pans. Another thing about cookware is that, over time, everything wears out and gets chipped or scarred. Life is like that.

For me, this is the best cookware set I’ve tested; it’s the best kitchen product I’ve used in a while. I’m planning on using it to cook up quite a few more eggs.