How this virtual sunrise could change your morning routine

Credit: Hatch

The joy I felt when I got my Hatch Restore in the mail was really remarkable.

When preparing for our son’s birth, my wife and I realized we needed a sound machine. After countless hours of research, we decided to purchase the Hatch Baby Rest. We’ve used it regularly for over a year now.

When I saw that Hatch launched an “adult version”, I knew I needed to get my hands on it.

I have a good friend who needed a fan to sleep throughout college — not for the temperature, but because of its noise. At first, I found this to be an odd quirk. Then I had a kid. Our sound machine is the greatest investment I believe I have ever made — maybe even including diapers (ok, maybe not).

There was one night I spent away from the sound machine — and it was odd. In trying to sleep, it was like I had rediscovered how loud the world was. I had actually grown accustomed to the crutch that is my son’s sound machine.

My failed attempts at drowning out the chaos continued to grow. The Office on Netflix kept me awake. Burying my head in a pillow resulted in a face full of hot breath.

At this point, I knew I should probably overcome my dependency on a sound machine. Either that or I would need to increase my caffeine intake in the mornings due to sleep deprivation.

However, when a “grown-up” version of my child’s machine was released, my perspective changed.

The Hatch Restore features not only white noise but nature sounds, water rushing, wind in the trees, and more. It even includes a sunrise alarm and clock.

I’m reminded of an episode of Boy Meets World where Cory’s friend Shawn has to play the sounds of the trailer park in order to sleep at night. While this may not have quite that range of sounds, I felt as though I was camping under the stars in my bedroom.

The machine’s wind-down routine is far more intuitive and satisfactory than I imagined. You can toggle it manually or set it to a preprogrammed routine. I’ve set my Restore for 10 minutes to wind down with a slightly woodsy tone. After 10 minutes the Restore continues, dimming the light and changing sounds if I want it to.

In the morning, I utilize the sunrise alarm. As the hour approaches my set alarm time, the light of the Hatch Restore begins to slowly brighten, just as the sun does — brighter and brighter until I am gently brought out of my near-coma. This makes the alarm much less… alarming.

I was skeptical at first, but after only a few nights of this wonderful device, I foresee myself enjoying its features for quite some time.

The Hatch companion app makes all the customization possible — even down to the brightness of the clock. Additionally, the app is where you can control every other Hatch device you may own.

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