The travel mug you can properly clean

travel mug Hydro Flask
Credit: Hydro Flask

I am a coffee addict. Some people claim to be addicted but I’m living proof. My travel cup is permanently fixed to my hand. With as much as I use my mug, keeping it clean is of utmost importance to me. 

To that end, the Hydro Flask Coffee Flask has been perfectly designed with me in mind. I already knew about this innovative coffee mug but balked at the $35 price tag. Only after trying it out for myself did I realize how practical it is for a coffee enthusiast like me.

I love the Flex Sip Lid on this mug. It’s designed to come apart for cleaning which, compared to other lid designs, makes enjoying my coffee much less of a task.

Additionally, this Lid is completely leak-proof. Because it twists open and closed, it creates a tight seal that keeps its contents secure. It just won’t spill — an entire day jumbling around in my work bag couldn’t break this seal.

So, the Hydroflask is leak-free. Although this seems basic, it makes a huge difference when you’re used to cups that leak. But there’s more. 

Let’s get down to why I really bought this thing.

It’s so easy to clean. Disassembling in seconds, it’s easy to throw in the dishwasher or hand wash. Although Hydro Flask claims their products are top-rack dishwasher safe, I prefer not to put anything insulated into the dishwasher — hand-washing is my method. The wide-mouth style allows easy access for my dish wand and thorough cleaning. 

The only negative I could find was a few Amazon reviews complaining that you can’t drink coffee through a straw with this cap. I’m not sure who drinks hot beverages through a straw, but this wasn’t an issue for me. Personally, I love this travel mug and haven’t found a single thing to complain about. 

In the end, Hydro Flask gained a new Coffee Flask convert. I’ll probably be getting one for my wife soon as well. While I love my CamelBak Chute water bottles, when they break, I’ll most certainly be replacing them with Hydro Flask water bottles. Maybe their new Trail Series? Who knows what they’ll come out with next.