Lasso Performance Compression Socks review: These socks will help you run away from your ankle problems

There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time outside on the trail near my house. Besides absolutely stunning views of a winding creek and orange colored leaves, it’s a great way to get some exercise. Running is now a favorite pastime of mine. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult on my joints. I’ve struggled with ankle and knee problems from time to time, visiting the chiropractor and using a mix of stretching and physical therapy techniques. Something I recently tried is a pair of Lasso Performance Compression Socks.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I knew they were going to help drastically from the minute I tried them on. The polyamide material fits around your foot to provide extra support to your ankle and arches at the same time. These socks come in different sizes, so you’ll know that it’s providing the right amount of pressure to your foot to increase blood flow to the rest of your body. 

Just think about running in general – it’s a constant pounding down to your feet, over and over, mile after mile. While you’re supposed to tread lightly on your feel while you run, that doesn’t stop the constant pressure on your ankles. The trail I love to much is also paved (not as great for my body as a dirt trail, which naturally provides a softer surface for running). 

Compression socks help by providing more stability, reducing the swelling in your feet, and improving your circulation. It’s similar to what happens when your doctor tells you to wrap a sprained ankle. The height of these socks are also great for colder weather or rollerblading (which I also love doing) by protecting your skin from blisters. 

When I tried my usual running route with the Lasso Socks, I noticed that my step felt lighter around three miles in. At the point where my feet usually ache, I didn’t feel the same pressure as before. (I have unusually high arches in my feet, which leads to more issues without the right kind of support.) 

While I do recommend giving these socks a try, you might want to look at them as an investment. At $24 – $30 per pair, they are on the expensive side. But if you’re going to try high quality compression socks, you want a pair that actually works. (Plus, less chiropractor appointments saves you money in the long-run.) They are machine washable too, so it’s easy to use the same pair many times. 

You don’t need to be a long-distance runner to enjoy the benefits of these socks. I also tried the Lasso Socks while going for a long walk. When I took them off afterwards my ankles were doing great. If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work or running errands, changing up your socks is one of the easiest ways to get rid of foot problems. 

It’s also important to remember that everything in your body is connected. If you suffer from a knee issue, it’s not uncommon that it might stem from bad foot support. I’m excited to keep using the Lasso Compression Socks as the weather gets colder and I’m running in lower 40 degrees. Let me clarify – I’m excited for happy feet, not cold weather.