Make your next controller “pop” with Dream Controller customization

Photo Credit: Tom Kuphal

Gaming is quickly becoming a style. Look around and it won’t take you long to see the painstaking efforts gamers make to keep their rigs looking stellar. RGB lighting adorns many a fans room and setup. Streamers have immaculate setups and backgrounds. The aura given off by a gaming station is practically an art.

Now, even controllers are customizable, and while some attempt to create their own customizations, I promise you, a company like can do it better.

A Dream controller come true

I tried to customize an Xbox Series X controller by purchasing a faceplate, taking my controller apart and putting the new plate on. The result? It never fit right. The controller eventually made its way to the defective pile, and unfortunately, I don’t use it anymore.

When I first heard about Dream controller, I thought “that’s cool”, they do Xbox One controllers etc. What I didn’t know was that they customize ALL controllers. They aren’t just simple faceplates either. I’m talking themes from Marvel, Harry Potter, Halo, you name it, and they probably have it. I can literally use a Mario themed Xbox controller. How cool is that? I only name a few, but there are dozens of themes to choose from with multiple controllers per theme. Dream does an amazing job finding the top pop-culture references in gaming and bringing them to life in the custom options.

While I like Mario, I’m a major Potter and Spiderman fan. When I saw the options for customization on Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 controller, I was sold. We all know the controller is already awesome, but adding incredible artwork to it makes it feel like my own. Dream Controller kept the packaging simple and professional. There were certainly no issues with the Elite controller itself when I received it, and all components were included to ensure my satisfaction.

The best?

I think the coolest art is in the Harry Potter collection. I can literally pick my favorite house to be my controller. The only bummer I found is that the HP collection isn’t available on the Elite Series 2 option. After many tears were shed, I went to my second fav in the Spiderman art.

The faceplate wraps around the full controller and is professionally done. There are no overlaps or awkward misses that make the controller feel any different in my hands. The result is just a massive improvement on an awesome setup.

In order to get one, I just need to go to the website, pick my favorite, and they send the brand-new customer one right to my door. This works for PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch joy cons. Additionally, Dream Controller offers LED coasters, headphones, and even charging stations.


The pricing is reasonable, and Dream Controller often has sales going on to help out with cost. If I need customization in the future this is now my go to site. With the host of options available, everyone is sure to find something they love. My love turned into a “gotta have it” moment as soon as I saw how cool the options are.

Check out the site for yourself. Look through all the options. I promise you – at minimum you will have fun, and isn’t that what gaming is about anyways? Happy gaming friends!