Move over, Jarvis, there’s a new iRobot in town, and it mops

Roomba iRobot Braava Jet m6 cleaning
Credit: Sylvane

My family consists of five humans and two canines so you can imagine the beating my hardwood and tile floors take. 

I must admit that, while I strive to vacuum every other day, mopping has been a very different story. It’s not that I find the job challenging, it’s just one that fell last on my list of “to do’s.” After receiving the iRobot Roomba 675 as a gift, I quickly saw the appeal of a robot tackling my floor cleaning. Then I discovered that iRobot released a new machine for mopping. 

The iRobot Braava Jet m6 ($500) is the newest in the company’s fleet of robot mops. It learns the layout of your home to build Smart Maps. The company claims that the maps allow this machine to clean and navigate your home systematically. 

I wasn’t sure the m6 would genuinely be able to learn my home layout and efficiently mop the floors, but I was wrong. Not only does it clean systematically and efficiently, but it also does so in neat rows (so appealing to my love of organization)! 

The mapping doesn’t happen immediately, however. My m6 took three runs to fully map my main floor. Once mapped, I was able to do several things to customize the map within the iRobot Home App

The app works with Alexa and Google Assistant as well (though I haven’t used this feature). I can tell my robot where and when to clean, to focus on specific areas, and even establish “Keep Out Zones.” The app also alerts me when I need to refill the reservoir, of the elapsed cleaning time, and where the robot is currently working.

The m6 is ideal for multiple rooms and larger spaces. It easily navigates around objects, under my furniture while cleaning my finished hard floors (hardwood and tile), and into corners and along edges. I especially like the Smart Charge and Resume feature that enables my robot to return to its charger when running low on battery. From here, it will charge itself and pick up where it left off. 

Included in the box is the robot mop, Home Base charging station and power cord, and a cleaning starter kit (two wet mopping pads, two dry sweeping pads, one washable wet mopping pad, and a Braava jet hard floor cleaning solution sample). The washable wet mopping pad quickly became my favorite (over the disposable one). I feel that it does a more thorough job of mopping with the microfiber material. The Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaner ($8) had a light, fresh scent that I enjoyed as well. 

Overall, I am extraordinarily happy with my Braava Jet m6. There are times when I need to give a little extra attention to the robot (e.g., filling the reservoir, getting stuck, etc.), but I will admit that these times occur infrequently. The precision spray is useful, the mapping system is impressive, and I’m just excited to finally have sparkling clean floors.