New Generation Cloudultra 2 propels you to new heights (and distances)

On just recently redesigned and updated the beloved Cloudultra. The new Cloudultra 2 is an all-terrain trail shoe designed for long distances and ultrarunning. The upgraded Cloudultra 2 means improved comfort so I can go the extra mile while tackling any terrain.

As an avid hiker, I simply love being on the trail. There is something about the woods and hills that just frees my soul. So when I want (or need) to get a little more exercise, I rather escape the concrete for my run than pound pavement in a neighborhood. However, with the Cloudultra 2 I am able to do either with confidence and comfort.


So when the Cloudultra 2 arrive at my door I’m eager to hit the trail. I have my kids grab their Camelbak packs, and we head out to a local favorite trail. Slipping my foot into the Cloudultra 2, I immediately notice the Helion superfoam cushioning. My foot feels a balance of support and cradling. (I notice this even more on the trails as the Cloudultra 2 provides maximum cushioning while keeping my foot in place). Additionally, the upper is designed like a knitted sock which is easy to step into and fits snuggly around my ankle to keep dirt and debris from finding its way into my shoe.

The knitted sock upper is incredibly breathable. I was concerned that this style would allow my narrow heel to slip or slide. However, the Cloudultra 2 is designed with higher heel padding which keeps my heel secure and provides better midfoot lockdown. The upper is thin and at times I feel the laces pinching my dorsum (top part of the foot), especially on longer runs. If I could improve one thing it would slightly more padding across the foot bridge for additional comfort with the laces. Cleverly, On designed the Cloudultra 2 with a FlipRelease system so I can release the pressure and get the fit I desire without having to retie my shoes – which keeps me running longer without having to stop.


In addition to the features already mentioned, the Cloudultra 2 has an updated shape and stack height for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The softer cushioning provides improved comfort and lasting support. Additionally, the re-engineered collar gives improved heel comfort and fit. Weighing in at 295 grams, it balances the sturdy performance needed for rough terrain with functional weight to allow for ultraruns. Overall, the Cloudultra 2 is loaded with updates and features.

As I make my way along the trail I notice the superior grip and enhanced traction of the outsole. I feel confident even on uneven surfaces, rocks, roots, and undergrowth. The new Missiongrip outsole provides fifty percent more ground contact utilizing an updated stud layout. Combined with the more precise fit of the knitted sock upper, I feel sure-footed as I fly down the trail in this all-terrain shoe.

One of the reasons why I feel like I am flying down the trail is the TPU Speedboard and On’s signature CloudTec. The CloudTec cushions my foot and protects against impact, while the TPU Speedboard captures the energy of every step to propel me forward. This forward thrusting momentum keeps me going mile after mile – one step at a time.


After wearing and running in the Cloudultra 2 for several weeks On has me convinced. This second-generation trail shoe delivers a smooth and comfortable ride on tough terrain, and is a clear upgrade on the beloved Cloudultra. While I did notice an occasional squeak breaking them in, they otherwise had great flexibility and fit, and incredible stability and max cushioning. The Cloudultra 2 is truly a cushioned, all-terrain trail shoe for long distances and ultrarunning. With the On Cloudultra 2 you can step into comfort, tackle any terrain, and power through extra miles.

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