New Gregory Wander Youth Backpacks are perfect for young explorers

Gregory just launched the Wander Youth Backpacking line, a kid-friendly collection of hiking packs. Now, I love hiking and the outdoors – and most of all, I love sharing it with others. Kids are no exception. It is even more enjoyable when they get to participate in the full hiking experience. The Gregory Wander Youth Backpacking line has options for just about any aged child to experience the joys of hiking in nature.

Quite honestly, there is nothing like seeing the transformation of wonder and awe in a child discovering the beauty and majesty of creation. It is a treasure that can and should be shared and handed down from generation to generation. The Gregory Wander Youth Backpacking line is just the thing to open the outdoors to your family for generations to come!


As a father of five kids I’ve come to understand two fundamental truths about kids. One, they are filled with curiosity and wonder (there is a reason we often refer to kids as sponges). Second, they love to do things themselves. My two-year-old invariably and adamantly tells us a hundred times a day, “I do it myself!” Not much changes as they age. These two indelible qualities lend themselves to some of the best possibilities of family adventures. (Think memories, character development, fun, legacy)!

The excitement my kids have putting on the Wander packs is palpable. They quickly explore the quality zippers and find every possible pocket and feature. My two-year-old loves the safety whistle built into the chest strap (much to the detriment of my hearing). Within minutes they have added gear to the packs, loaded water bottles in the side pockets, and have the packs tightened and securely fitted. We distribute some of the lunch items amongst each of their packs so they all can participate.

We hit the trail and everyone feels like a partner in our family adventure. I see their keenness for the outdoors grow. Even our littlest one feels motivated to keep pressing on since she has a pack of her own. We stop for a lunch break and everyone shares their part of the meal. I notice they are also quick to clean up our area and pack out everything we pack in. This self-initiated response makes it clear that they see are growing in a sense of responsibility and stewardship of the blessing of the natural world.


One thing I love about the Wander Youth Backpacking line is that it creates motivation. The Wander line are real packs, with real features – just kid sized. So my kids feel like true explorers with gear rugged enough to endure kid style punishment.

Additionally, my kids feel empowered and get real world responsibilities. The reality is, one becomes an autonomous self-assured adult through having autonomous self-assuring experiences as a kid. The Wander line let’s me start giving my kids those independent experiences in an appropriate way at a young age.

Finally, I get to teach my kids wonder and stewardship. They get to experience the outdoors with kid-sized designs, comfort, and quality materials that will last well beyond their own use. Thus they get to learn both loving outdoors, and a sense of care and stewardship of nature. Plus the joy of passing down quality gear and creating a legacy in family adventures and future generations.


Available in five different liter sizes (8, 12, 30, 50, and 70), there is a pack for just about any sized early adventurer. I find the 8L Wander even fits my two-year-old, and will be functionable until she is about five. The Wander 12L is ideal for my four-year-old up to my 8-year-old. Broadly, think elementary school aged kids. Next up, the Wander 30L is a bit of a jump, but my small framed 10-year-old handles it lightly loaded and will certainly be able to grow into it. The VersaFit suspension is adjustable by 4+ inches as well, allowing for growth spurts or sibling use. My daughter appreciates the double-layer 3D foam back which makes for effective air flow and breathability.

This is one of the things I love about these packs, I know they will serve my kids and our family well for years to come. The Wander youth packs are designed specifically to fit small, growing frames with a unique genderless shape. This means they are easy to pass down the sibling ranks for years of use.

One thing I notice is the shoulder straps are a little close together around the neck (especially on the 8 and 12L). Fortunately, it hasn’t caused any chaffing or irritation on hikes, but might be a problem for some users. My other desire is that Gregory included an intermediate sized pack (like 18L) so there isn’t such a big gap in sizing up to the 30L.


As I shared earlier, the Gregory Wander Youth Backpacking line features kid-friendly design. Additionally, they are fully functional and durable packs. In fact, the Wander backpacks feature all of the same functionality, durability, and comfort level that one expects from Gregory(link).

Along with the VersaFit suspension, all Wander packs have dual-side stretch mesh pockets for water bottles. Inside, a hydration sleeve with a universal hydration hanger is available (hydration bladder sold separately). Finally, all of the Wander packs are incredibly comfortable featuring perforated and breathable shoulder harnesses.


The Gregory Wander Youth Backpacking line features five kid-friendly sizes to get more young hikers out adventuring in the backcountry. With offerings of 8L up to 70L, there is a pack size for just about any aged explorer. The Gregory Wander Youth Backpacking line’s outstanding functionality, durability, and comfort level motivates kids to take on new responsibilities as they are inspired by the wonder and awe of the outdoors!

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