Nomatic 20L Travel Pack review: Compelling versatility and innovative design

Many of us love to travel. The challenge though is figuring out exactly what you need without overpacking – not to mention, having the correct luggage for the occasion. Recently, I ran into this exact situation. Fortunately, there is Nomatic with their innovative design and packing versatility.

The Dilemma:

The packing dilemma… we’ve all been there. Mine is an eight-day work trip, two stops, temperatures ranging from low 40’s to mid 70’s with some rain forecasted. However, I really don’t want to check a bag. Now, fitting all the clothing I need into a carry-on bag is challenging enough, but I also need to bring my laptop, other work materials, and reading for the plane. Not to mention I know I’ll be bringing materials and resources back with me.

The Trial:

The Nomatic Travel Pack 20L (also available in 14L) is for everyday use and for 1-3 day trips. I am super pumped to pair this with my traditional carry-on luggage to stretch capacity and avoid having to check a bag. The Travel Pack resembles a backpack, yet functions as a work bag and/or an extra carry-on as well. The Nomatic Travel Pack combines the best of a travel bag and traditional luggage. It offers both full-zippered front access and clamshell-style opening. I am leaning pretty heavily on using it for lugging my work stuff and laptop for the trip.

I finish packing my carry-on bag, and try to put my remaining items that didn’t fit into the Nomatic Travel Pack – along with all my work gear and plane entertainment. Huh. It doesn’t fit quiet right. I try shuffling things around a little bit but it still doesn’t seem right. I’m a little disappointed. The Travel Pack has plenty of pockets, but it has a slightly ridged structure and formed shape that doesn’t bend and bulge like a traditional cloth backpack. So far, it seems like a very rigid backpack with some cool pockets and features. Oh, how wrong my first impression is.

The Breakthrough:

A little reorganizing, and both my carry-on bag and the Travel Pack are arranged with a little space to spare. I’m actually pleased with how it turns out, and am impressed with the layout and accessibility of the Travel Pack. When I get to the airport, I breeze through security with minimal shuffling of items. The TSA-approved fold-down laptop pocket is convenient for scanning. It is just as easy to access the pocket and slip the laptop out for separate screening. Amazingly, I clear security and arrive at my gate before my wife can make the 15-minute drive back to our house!

What I love (yes, I’m beginning to fall in love with this Travel Pack) is how the internal pocket structure allows me to conveniently access my items. I grab a charging cord, my book, and other items effortlessly without having to rummage around or take other objects out first. Additionally, I simply turn the bag sideways and slip it onto my carry-on handle for easy mobility through the airport. Even with all the jostling, my items stay in place and undamaged. There is just about a place for anything – cord pass-throughs, pockets designed for everything, and even a hidden compartment.

For the next several days I tote the Travel Pack around to all my meetings. It is a little bigger than I might normally use for a work setting, but is completely acceptable for the nature of my trip. (The 14L might be more fitting for this purpose). Plus, it held everything I could need for the day – computer, books, pens, chargers, water bottle, jacket – with room to spare. And unlike a traditional backpack, the formed profile is sleek and subtle, even when not fully packed.

After 5 nights in my first hotel, I have another flight and three days and two nights to go before my journey home. As I pack my carry-on luggage and realize that I’ll have to put my remaining clean clothes with my… well, let’s just say not so clean clothes. (I just had to workout three times in the hotel gym – smh.) I glance over at my Travel Pack – will this really work?

The Conversion:

The Nomatic Travel Pack has a mesh zipper dividing the main compartment for packing clothes and has the ability to open clamshell-style like a traditional luggage bag. It also has an expanding zipper for an additional 50% volume. This allows me to pack my clean clothes for the remainder of the trip separately.

Boarding my next flight I am a little nervous. Its overbooked, and they are stripping people of their larger carry-ons and checking them planeside. Here I am waltzing up with essentially two full carry-ons. However, the shape of the Travel Pack keeps it from looking like a vagabond’s backpack that’s about to burst at the seams. Despite my hesitation, to the eyes of the steward it appears I have a carry-on and a reasonable personal item. He waves me through.

Since the flight is overbooked, I politely stow my carry-on overhead and put my Travel Pack under the seat. (Friendly tip: don’t be that person that uses up all the overhead space on a crowded flight when one of your bags can fit under the seat!) I am surprised at how well it fits under my seat compared to other bags I’ve used in the past. I even have plenty of room for my size 12 feet. I’m officially convinced, (and hooked). At this point it is hard for me to imagine traveling in the future without the Nomatic Travel Pack.

Additional Options:

Nomatic also makes a full line of similar quality and equally innovative luggage and camera bags. The Check-In offers 78L – 90L of space if you are looking for traditional luggage. (I personally like the deep olive color.) I love the durable polycarbonate design for a virtually indestructible case. The three-stage aluminum handle, low profile side handles, silent Hinomoto wheels, and TSA locking YKK zippers make traversing airports a breeze. However, the innovative magnetic compression straps for easy packing is clutch. They allow me to compress what I want, making packing that much more convenient to fit my personal needs.

Nomatic also offers Packing Cubes (large, medium, and small) for further convenience in packing and organization. They even have collapsible Sling (4L) and Tote (25L) for greater flexibility to adjust to my traveling style. Everything that Nomatic offers exhibit the same attention to detail, durable quality, and stylish and sleek design.

The Final Word:

The Nomatic Travel Pack combines the best of a travel bag and traditional luggage. It offers both full-zippered front access and clamshell-style opening. With over twenty innovative features, magnetic side pockets, and tech organization, it combines everything you want or need in a pack with all the convenience of a traditional carry-on bag! I love the versatility, and engineered durable construction and water-resistant material. Traveling is rough on bags and possessions, but with Nomatic products I never have to worry. The Nomatic Travel Pack truly carries like a backpack, yet packs like luggage!

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