Not bitten not shy thanks to Spartan Mosquito

Mosquitoes…enough said. If you are like me, you hate these little things. I know every creature has a purpose in why it was created, but the mosquito? Yes, even the mosquito plays a valuable role in our ecosystem as pollinators and as food for other creatures, but do they have to gain their sustenance from me? I can’t say this as a measurable fact, but I feel I get bit by more mosquitoes than anyone I know. In truth, I have the reputation in the family as the person you want to walk next to when going into the woods. Anyone walking next to me can safely transit through the brush without fear of being bit. Because of this reality, I am in constant search to find the right chemical, gadget or treatment to use in the prevention of mosquito bites. Enter Spartan Mosquito. They were willing to send enough samples for me to run a test at both my home and our family cabin.

What’s in the Spartan Mosquito box?

Each box contains two tubes, and Spartan is willing to take your address during processing to provide a recommended placement of the tubes. I find this helpful in understanding the correct approach to gaining sufficient coverage. Based on square footage of my available area to test, I did not fully comply with their recommendations, but came close. Spartan recommends the tubes hang at least 80 feet from high traffic areas and not spaced out more that 180 ft apart. 

So, how do they work? The tubes contain boric acid powder you mix with warm water and hung around 6 ft in the air. I hung the tubes from around 5 ft to 7 ft depending on the best connection/yard structure. The tube, cover and hanging loop are sturdy and I did not have any trouble hanging them. The mixture attracts mosquitos through small holes in the top of the tube. Once they drink, they die. This solution works to reduce the population in the immediate area. Spartan states that over time mosquitoes repopulate the area so recommend another round of tubes for as long as mosquito season persists. 

One of the main details that I find important to discuss with them is purchasing enough kits to create a barrier or boundary around your property. Hanging just one or two tubes will not likely be enough to cover your yard or create the boundary effect that makes this solution work. Each tube lasts for up to 30 days. After hanging the tubes, I wait to evaluate the results for seven days and observe them over 30 days (I find they perform longer than 30 days, but Spartan cannot claim that).

But does it work?

Measuring the impact of a tool like this is difficult, given the other factors that can come into play. Therefore, I admit my findings are less empirical than one might prefer. I do know that when my wife and I went for a walk, I was bitten a few times by mosquitoes (my wife of course was not). Upon return to our property, I did not receive any bites while sitting by the lake. Similarly, while painting outside in the evening I did not receive any mosquito attention. Again, as soon as we went for a walk, I was forced to use bug spray.

Over the last few weeks, I have made similar observations. Some family members state they have seen mosquitoes, while others feel the perimeter created has performed well. While I can’t say that the results are conclusive, I can say that I have less bites since hanging the tubes. 

In the end, I believe Spartan Mosquito tubes are an effective way to distance yourself from everyone’s favorite insect. The process is easy and the solution definitive. I expect I will use this product again in the future. If you’re a magnet for bug bites, perhaps you should too.

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