Practice guitar anywhere with the Positive Grid Spark Go

Mobility is usually not associated with amps. I remember the early days when I was learning guitar and how lugging an amp around was a huge pain. Back then, Bluetooth speakers were not even a future tech dream, let alone so common.

Surprisingly, the Positive Grid Spark Go is smaller than most Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested, but it’s designed to be a practice amp you can take anywhere. It weighs only 1.32-pounds and measures 4.9-inches by 3.3-inches by 1.7-inches. For a device that’s not that much bigger than your phone, it packs some lush sounds and is loud enough for some serious jam sessions.

The Spark Go actually does work as a Bluetooth speaker, and it’s impressive for only $129. I played several songs from my phone and they never sounded overly distorted. Ironically, when I connected up a Fender Telecaster Vintera II guitar, I cranked the distortion and it had a great crunchy sound — enough to make me think the device serves double duty.

And, since it’s so light it makes sense to bring along the Spark Go to the beach or your next practice session, I would not say it’s loud enough for a full band practice, which is not the intent with Positive Grid anyway. It is loud enough that a few family members could still hear my =e play all the way down in the basement. And, it’s distinct. Using several amp tones controlled by the Positive Grid app, I could emulate more of a heavy meal sound, something more alternative, or a pure and clean effect.

I love the app because it lets you discover new music and even play along. The Auto Chords feature can reward the guitar chords from a song through the app and display which chord to play. The app also lets you access 33 amp emulators and 43 different effects. Positive Grid says there are over 50,000 other tones you can use from other users. Adjusting tones manually means you can also save a preset for quick access to that tone.

The Smart Jam feature uses AI to listen to how you’re playing and add instruments to the background to create a full song. It’s quite incredible, and the best part is that it’s all available for free through the app and when you use this $99 product. So it provides the best features from Positive Grid without having to pay a more hefty cost for their higher-end amps.

As a Bluetooth speaker, the device works great for music with a rich bass and distinct tones, but once again — not so loud that you can use it for a full house party. This is a personal audio product for practice and personal listening. 

The speaker lasts eight hours on a charge. Since Apple switched to USB-C now on the latest iPhone, it means you’ll probably have access to a charger anywhere you go.

Overall, I find the Spark Go to be one of the best products I’ve tested from Positive Grid because of the high-quality sound, the great portability, and the fact that it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker as well. There’s even a little strap on the side for connecting the amp to your backpack or even your jacket or belt. It’s a smart, powerful, and handy little gadget.

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