Ringers is a great game for your staycation in 2020

The Ringers board with bottles in it ready for use.
Credit: Ringers

I think we all can agree that summer looked a little different this year. For me, there was a drastic decrease in the number of grad parties that I participated in. Altogether, there was a lack of big friend get-togethers and nice summer barbecues.

Due to the lack of social gatherings, my family and I have explored plenty of new games throughout the summer. One such game that I have had the opportunity to try out is a unique version of ring toss. This entertaining game is called Ringers and it is a great game for whatever curveballs today’s world throws at us.

Ringers comes in several different styles. The game that I received is called the Staycation Pack. It came with a complete setup for playing the game, including ten rings, a score keeper, a bag, and a board with holes in it. The only additional item that one needs to play the game is some sort of bottle to hook the rings around.

In a nutshell, the rules of the game are quite similar to ring toss. The players have their rings and stand at least six feet away from the board. They then take turns trying to throw their rings around the bottles. 

People playing the Ringers game outside at a party.
Credit: Ringers

There are some fun additional rules such as earning more points if you make it on certain spots on the board or if you hook the ring a specific way. This is another opportunity to get creative with how to play Ringers. 

What makes this game so unique is the fact that it’s so versatile. The holes in the board can be filled with almost any type of bottle. My family and I used jars, cups, and we even had some soy sauce bottles that worked perfectly for a simpler game. 

The main downside of Ringers was the challenge to find bottles that would properly fit the board and the tossing rings. The best fit would be beer bottles or soda bottles, but my family used soy sauce bottles and even most cans would fit. The majority of households certainly have some type of item that would work.

The variety within this game is quite entertaining. I have the five-hole board and it’s nice because I can always reduce the number of bottles to make the game more challenging. When I play, I combine a variety of different bottles to add some pizazz and it creates a fun, personalized challenge.

Ringers encourages creativity and, in a time where we are all limited in available options for entertainment, that has been something that I have appreciated from this game. Family fun is very needed, and with all that this game has to offer, it provides hours of that.

Ultimately, my family and I enjoyed the challenge that the game gave us. It is a fun way to stretch your creativity when life can so easily feel mundane. The versatility and unique challenge of the game was greatly appreciated in my household. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a game that will not get boring after one or two plays.