Say hello to the latest Breeo X-Series, a smokeless firepit that’ll enhance your summer experience

Breeo is raising the standard for outdoor amenities.

After purchasing our home, my husband and I wanted to invest in our new backyard. We wanted to find ways to elevate our yard from a patch of green grass to an outdoor sanctuary. We knew we wanted a firepit, but the local stores didn’t have much to offer us. In the past, we have been irritated by the heavy smoke that can be produced by traditional fire pits. Plus, we don’t particularly care for propane fire pits that can be underwhelming and slack-luster. After doing some online digging we found the brand, Breeo.

Breeo is an elite outdoor firepit manufacturer based in the USA. The Breeo team is passionate about innovation and raising the bar in the outdoor entertainment field. Located in Lancaster County, PA, Breeo is a locally owned and operated business that is pursuing more thoughtful ways for you to enjoy the outdoors. On the Breeo website, you will find over-the-fire cooking equipment and even elite pizza ovens. If you need another reason to admire this company more, their fire pits are engineered to be smokeless like the one we tested below.

The quality behind the Breeo firepit was one of the first things my husband and I noticed when we took the X24 Smokeless Fire Pit out of the box. This is not just a piece of metal that was welded into a circle; the X Series uses either Corten or Stainless Steel to ensure durability so that your firepit is built to last over the years. Breeo offers multiple firepit models for every household need and/or specific usage. For us, the X-Series firepit was ideal in size for our yard and we liked how it can be easily installed for permanent use or packed up to travel on our next camping trip. However you choose to make use of your Breeo firepit, it is guaranteed to look great in any entertainment space.

The X-Series also has created a whole new form of intentionality by integrating new levels of performance. This patented firepit has smokeless capabilities that I have never encountered before and now I don’t think I can live without. A few of my favorite features are how easy it is to clean out the tray of debris that comes from the firewood, the way I can simply install or uninstall the parts for travel usage, and how I can fit four to six chairs around the firepit to enjoy a campfire with my family.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the accessories that come with the Breeo firepit. We specifically use the Outpost Grill for all of our summer cooking needs. We currently do not have a grill, but now we don’t need one, thanks to Breeo. We currently have our X-Series on the ground stand base, which allows us to take it wherever we go without ruining the surface underneath. These detailed accessories that Breeo offers will make a world of difference to you and your family. Take this for instance, the free matching stainless steel lid that comes with the firepit to use as a cover on rainy days or when the firepit is not being used. Every accessory and creative design will show you the heart behind the Breeo company and exemplify how great they are at crafting some of the best outdoor products on the market.

If you want to improve your outdoor game this summer, look no further than Breeo.