Home automation smart blinds Ryse to the occasion

Ryse SmartShade

Home automation is all the rage these days! I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to coffee that is being brewed, lights that are set to the perfect level, a house that has been vacuumed while you sleep, and smart blinds that know just when to open to help you start your day! Enter RYSE SmartShade the future of turning your existing shades into smart ones. I got this product a couple weeks ago, and decided to give it a try. From the unboxing to the installation  it was super easy. It comes with all the mounts for different installation methods, and includes all the little pieces required to make sure your rope, or chain driven blinds will be compatible.  Right outta the box the shades work with very little effort. You can walk up and press the button on the front, and easily program different heights for your shades to function. Where these shades really start to shine is in the ability to program them, and operate them from a distance. With the optional Smart Bridge it opens up even more options for control. So let’s start with what makes these Smart Shades Great!


Having custom power shades made, and installed for your home can be very pricey. These shades allow you to keep your existing shades, and simply make them smart.


They come with a guarantee from RYSE – to lift your shades or your money back. So regardless of the weight or style of shades you have they stand behind the product they have made.

Simple Installation

It took about 10 minutes to get these up and running, and about 5 minutes more to learn how to program them.


If you have shades that are near an outlet you simply run the wire down and plug it in, and viola you are good to go. Don’t like the wires… No problem. They sell a battery pack that you can charge up, and you are all set. I have yet to charge the battery and I have been using these for almost a month… you decide what works best for you.


The only downside I have been able to identify from these shades is the volume. Don’t get me wrong… They are not loud. They are just louder than I was expecting. Now part of that is due to the fact I am using them with a metal chain system. I assume if you have rope yours will be much quieter. I am using them on commercial blinds in an office setting so I am also in a smaller space. I believe if these where in my living room I probably wouldn’t notice them at all.

Overall Impression

A lotta bang for the buck! I want these smart blinds through my whole house! I hope you will enjoy them as much I have! Thanks RYSE for making a product every home automation enthusiast will love to have!