The BLUE VENT MUMU is an outstanding eco-friendly smart AI food composter

I think everyone is a little more earth conscience these days. Whether you simply want to do a little better or are out to save the planet – every little effort helps. One of the larger issues we face today is food waste filling up landfills. Fortunately, Thinkware has made it easier than ever for home composting of food waste with the Blue Vent MuMu Smart Composter.

Composting food waste provides incredible benefits. From trash reduction, landfill space, CO2 reduction, to increased nutrient rich gardening. There are many ways to compost – think outdoor containers, worm bins, stinky buckets under the sink. Most of these require a lot of personal effort, demand a lot of time, or are just smelly (and sometimes even disgusting). The Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter takes the hassle and effort out of composting, while reducing CO2 and drastically cutting down on my weekly trash.


The Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter is stylish with a simple freestanding design, blending in nicely in most kitchens. At first, I am a little overwhelmed at its size. It stands at a somewhat imposing 15 inches tall, while taking up roughly 12×17 inches of counter space. This is because it has a four-liter processing capacity which is much greater than many other smaller composters. Which honestly is perfect for my family of seven. Set up however, is easy and straight forward.

After taking the Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter from the box, I follow the clearly written directions. It is as simple as installing the filter and plugging it in. Within minutes of getting it out of the box I am already dropping in some of our table waste and scraps. At first my wife is hesitant and a little skeptical, but is quickly won over by her curiosity and its performance. In fact, we all our – suddenly we have quite the science experiment on our counter.

I love that our five kids are excited to see how composting works, but also that they are learning to be better stewards too. We are all amazed when the digital display informs us that our first batch of food waste is reduced by 86% (1.4kg reduced to .2kg) with a reduction of CO2 content by 1.3kg! The four-liter capacity is perfect for my family. Even during the holiday-season we rarely have a time where it can’t handle our food waste. Especially since it only takes four to eight hours to turn food waste into natural compost. The Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter comes with a ‘Green Mode’ which means the processed results can be used as compost (rather than categorized as simply reduced food waste). I primarily use this mode so that I can use the processed compost in my garden.


The Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter uses a drying and grinding processing method. The 3-stage activated carbon filter captures and neutralizes odors. This complex deodorization filter means I don’t have to deal with rotten garbage smells. In fact, the only time I even catch a faint odor is when I open the lid after a processing cycle. Additionally, cleaning it is as easy as adding water into the bucket and selecting the “cleaning’ mode. The advanced high-temperature (120 degree Celsius) sterilization and cleaning function does all the work for me.

By far the most impressive features is the Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter’s AI system. This system determines food waste disposal needs based on weight, and intelligently monitors temperature and humidity for effectiveness to optimized composting. Not only that, but it can adjust the food processing frequency to reflect the household size and lifestyle. The AI-smart sensing settings for 1-2, 3, and 4 person auto processing, empty bucked detection, and voice guidance ensure a hassle-free operation. With food reduction rates up to 95% which translates to the reduction of 26 pounds of waste to a mere .13 pounds! Even more amazing is that it does all of this at under 20dB – which is somewhere between breathing (10dB) and whispering (30dB).


The Thinkware Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter intelligently, effectively, and efficiently optimizes food composting to cut waste and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. This AI-powered smart composter is simple to use with incredible design and features. Although it is slightly larger, its near odorless, quiet, AI-smart processing is outstanding – delivering eco-friendly garden worthy compost. The Blue Vent MuMu Smart AI Composter is the AI-powered smart food composter designed to fit your lifestyle.

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