The Frigidaire single zone can beverage cooler is both stylish and efficient

My basement is in sincere need of sprucing up. It is a great space, but it needs some TLC for sure. My long-term goal is to make it a second family room, so I recently started making some improvements. I tore out a few closets, put some shiplap on the walls, and my space is nearly mancave ready. However, my old college dorm looking mini fridge isn’t going to cut it. Frigidaire sent me a sweet glass front single zone can beverage cooler, and now I’m living in style.

I thought this thing was going to be too big at first, but now that I’ve been using it, I must say it has exceeded my expectations in both style and functionality. This glass front refrigerator with a modern blue light hue not only adds a touch of modern elegance to my living space but also delivers excellent cooling performance.

I absolutely love that I can easily see the contents without opening the door, which is not only convenient but also energy efficient. The sleek and modern black design with silver trim seamlessly blends with any decor, making it an attractive addition to my kitchen or even a small office. I still have some work to do though as I plan to add a lot more decor to my basement. That being said, the design is such that it will fit in with just about anything I find.

Keep in mind, this isn’t your typical compact dorm fridge. It can fit up to about 126 (12oz) cans inside. The lowest temp I can set it at is 38 degrees which is almost perfect though I wish I could go a few degrees lower. It maintains a consistent temperature, keeping my beverages and snacks perfectly chilled. The adjustable thermostat control button is a handy feature, allowing me to customize the temperature based on the items stored inside.

The interior layout is pretty well thought out, providing ample storage space for various items. The removable glass shelves make it easy to organize and clean. There are no door shelves with this fridge. Taller cans fit, but I sometimes wish I could put the shelves in slightly different places to fit certain items differently. I can just leave a shelf out, but I hate having random stuff around the house. Therefore, I sometimes lay taller cans on their sides if I simply have too many to fit.

Additionally, the fridge operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment, whether it’s placed in a bedroom, dorm room, or office space. The energy efficiency of the Frigidaire is noteworthy, helping to keep electricity costs in check. I never audibly hear it run, but I do sit somewhat close to the laundry room where it can get quite noisy.

In terms of durability, the build quality is impressive. The glass front feels sturdy, and the overall construction suggests a product built to last. Putting it together takes all in five to ten minutes, and the reversible door feature adds versatility, allowing for easy placement in any room configuration. The feet are also adjustable to ensure level a level setting.

All in all, the Frigidaire single zone can beverage cooler is a fantastic choice for those seeking a combination of style and functionality in a glass front refrigerator. Its modern design, efficient cooling performance, and thoughtful features make it a standout option. I highly recommend this fridge to anyone in need of a reliable and visually appealing cooling solution. While I prefer it in my basement, this thing would look great in any office space, small business, or even a dorm where a more modern look takes priority.