The Jura Giga 10 made me love coffee all over again

Customization. That is the key to a terrific cup of coffee.

Sadly, your average coffee brewer doesn’t offer too many options to go beyond “drip hot water over some ground coffee” unless you count strength and temp alone. Sure, some of the low-end machines at Target and other sops make it seem like you can tweak your desired brew, but after testing some of those machines, I’d be ready to skip it altogether and go to Starbucks.

After an ongoing health scare this last year, I’ve almost cut out all coffee, choosing hot water as my morning beverage. Cue the violins. However, I can test out coffee on occasion after a lifetime of waking up with my hot brew for many years.

The Jura Giga 10 made me love coffee all over again. For those in a similar state as me, having to watch what we eat and drink, you can really appreciate a machine like this when you’ve had to go cold turkey for a while. Even better, when you can customize so many brews, it’s nice to be able to find a blend that works for your current health state.

Before we dive into the custom options, a few basic facts. One you will notice right away — there are two grinders on this machine. You can fill both with different blends, which provides some flexibility in your household. They hold 10-ounces of coffee evans each. You can fill the machine with 88-ounces of water, which is about right for normal use since you want to fill up the machine with fresh, filtered water on the regular.

A very cool feature has to do with cold brew. Jura has made a name for themselves as a Swiss manufacturer because of the hot coffee process they use (which is called pulse extraction), which makes a splendid cup each time and almost instantly. The cold brew on the same machine is a wonder. The pulsing process makes sure it’s not just an average drip process.

As far as custom settings, there are a whopping 35 different brews you can blend, and it all starts with the two grinders. You can create your own special mix by using a percentage of each grinder. I loved being able to experiment with distinctly different coffees and honestly felt like I was a barista in my own home.

Adjusting all of the settings is easy on the three panel touchscreen, measuring 6.7-inches total. You can adjust the mix, the strength, and many other factors and then save that cup for later use. An interesting option has to do with the milk setting. You can adjust which percentage is used, and there’s even an app to let you experiment with that setting and many others from your phone. Even though the custom options are varied, it’s also easy to find the one you want by saving it as a customization and using it each time you brew with one press.

One thing I didn’t like as much is the hot water setting. With other Jura machines, I thought it was a bit faster to get a hot cup to use for tea. The machine does everything almost perfectly, but the heater for water took a bit longer than I expected.

Overall, this is a top machine because you can brew a cup that suits exactly what you want — with milk or not, a mix of the two grinders, and the intensity you prefer. It’s an amazing machine that does everything you would want — minus a trip to the coffee shop.