LeadHER has a craft box that won’t end up in your trash!

My girls love a good craft. I love opening a craft box that has everything they need to do just that. LeadHER Kids Crafts has a variety of craft boxes that help make the crafting process as simple for the parents as possible while allowing young girls to put their creativity to the test.

Kids Crafts is mainly geared toward girls, 8 years old and up. Their mission phase is LeadHER. They want to empower young girls with skills and a love for entrepreneurship. Each box has a specific craft to teach. Then there are discussion questions to go over for deeper thought. The box my girls got was the Paper Clip Kit. Which was called the Entrepreneur Starter Kit. When opening up the kit, you are welcomed with all the needed supplies to craft your decorative paper clips. They gave examples of how to decorate and use supplies. But they also gave kids permission to think outside of the box and craft something all of their own.

Not for the trash

Some papers inside coached young girls on how they could display their creations. Others told them how to write out a business name for selling their creations. I loved this idea. Most craft boxes I’ve gotten for my kids in the past all ended up in the trash. But for this craft, they were being encouraged to give away or sell their creations. My girls are 5 and 6 years old, so we opted for giving them away to friends.

Kirsten, the founder of LeadHER craft boxes, felt the same way as I did when it came to craft boxes. The girls would make it, then you would throw it in the trash. As an entrepreneur herself, she wanted to create a craft box that taught her daughters a skill while empowering them to do something with that skill.

Photo by KidsCrafts.

Historical twist

I see this box being beneficial for teaching girls things like weaving, painting, creative journaling, and needle punching. The selling aspect of your crafted products is a big plus. They also theme several boxes around a historical female, like Frida Kahlo or Amelia Earhart. The females represented are widely diverse in their fields of fame. They were also diverse in ethnicity. As someone raising Latinas, I love seeing the diversity of cultures!

These boxes have been so beautifully thought through. My girls were younger than the recommended age. Even so, they still enjoyed the process though needing some extra help here and there. I would suggest keeping to the recommended age. In our box, I found the simple glue provided wouldn’t be enough to keep everything stuck well onto the paper clips. If my girls sold them, I would add some hot glue to keep things more professional. But that was my only downside, as the rest of the materials provided made it fun and exciting regardless.

I think this LeadHER craft box would be a great idea for a birthday present or girls’ night! Offering a fun activity to do together, while being a gift that teaches them some useful life skills.