The Oak and Reed waistband is not your momma’s fannypack!

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Look, I have to admit that I never had a fannypack. I think my mom did at one time, but I did not. I can see the appeal of one, though. Instead of lugging a purse around with 12 pounds of “necessities,” a small belt with a pocket that carries the necessities is genius. It’s even better than the lovely cross-body bags. Don’t tar and feather me, people; I too have a perfect cross-body bag that I bought from Royal & Reese that I love. However, even that can become a burden and annoyance when you’re at a theme park wanting to ride a rollercoaster (who wants to pay $6 per hour to stow your purse for 20 minutes?). Or how about running, roller skating, biking, or walking your dogs? I needed something for just that (walking my dogs, I mean). So I found Oak and Reed

The Traverse Belt Bag ($20) comes in various adorable prints and colors. My favorite is the marble white with the rose gold zipper! I also got the matte black, and the blue tie-dye with a rose gold zipper for my sister-in-law. She was elated to get it as she has two little ones who keep her running. I have to say here that this is not your typical fannypack. It is sleek and modern and stays close to your body, perfect for wearing when you’re “movin’ and groovin’.” If you’re a fan of the typical fannypack look, Oak and Reed has the Via Bum Bag ($25), but I’m sticking with my Traverse. It’s well made, good-looking, and holds my iPhone, money, debit card, and lip gloss without feeling heavy or bulky.

The price point is fantastic when comparing It to Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag ($38). I’m always happy to save money and get cute products. I am not sure about how water-repellent the Traverse Belt Bag is. I didn’t dunk it in water or run through a downpour while wearing it, but I can’t assure you that it will keep your valuables safe from water if you’re looking for a modern way to easily carry your necessities while on the move, Oak and Reed has you covered!