The purse you didn’t know you needed – The Kennedy Crossbody

 Well, this review is not for my Vegan friends out there because we are gonna have some real talk about the beautiful, full grain, Horween leather, Range Leather Kennedy Crossbody purse. This bag is simple, practical, stylish, and wonderfully… leather. 

Let’s begin shall we?

Main features 

The main features of the Kennedy Crossbody bag include the three beautiful colors it comes in which are Natural, Nut Brown, and Black. I currently have the Natural colored bag and I love it because it goes with just about anything that I wear and I feel stylish when I use it! 

I was super excited to see that this bag not only came with an adjustable crossbody strap  (37″-49″), but also a short shoulder strap (22.5″). Having both options available to me has been great depending on what I need to transport and carry in my bag. This purse also has an incredibly sturdy zippable closure to the main pocket and has both interior and exterior pockets. These pockets are great to contain smaller items that you may carry with you and would be a great place for your phone or keys. I tend to misplace these items, so having a designated home for them is fantastic! Not only is this a marvelously beautiful bag, but you can be assured that it is quality and carefully crafted with hand stitched pockets. 

All the leather from Range Leather is sourced from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, IL which was founded in 1905. The leather from this company is hand tanned just as all Range Leather products are handcrafted. Not only are these products beautifully designed, but you can be assured that from the hide to the final leather products you receive they are made in the USA! This bag is also obviously loved by its users because the reviews on this bag are high, rating at a 4.95 of 44 reviews on the Range Leather site.

A Few Things to Consider

A few things to note when looking to purchase this quality leather purse would be that both pockets on this bag are on the same wall of the bag. In a non-leather purse I would have never thought twice about this, but because of the leather’s stiffness this makes the pockets tighter when there are items in both pockets. 

Also, if you have never had a leather bag there is the care of the leather to consider when purchasing an authentic leather bag. Although the maintenance is low, this is a new level of care that I have not had to consider before. It would have also been nice if the crossbody strap had a small loop to hold down the extra leather after you shorten the strap because it can sometimes stick out a bit.  

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderfully quality bag that I thoroughly enjoy using! This is my first leather purse and I really enjoy using it when I would like to dress up a little more, but this bag is great for your everyday life as well. Whether you are a non-vegan single gal, mom, or the friend who acts like the mom of the group this is a great bag I think you will enjoy!

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