The return to love notes — with a modern twist

With the return to working in offices, or perhaps a home office, I find myself missing quick conversations with my wife and kids throughout the day when I was at home all day every day.

Now that I spend a couple days a week at my office that isn’t in the other room, I wanted to find a cool and special way to still send the occasional love note to my family.

That’s when I found Lovebox. Lovebox is a genius hybrid between love letters and digital messaging. This little box allows me to send messages to my family from anywhere in a really fun and special way.

Yes, I could just text them (if the person with the box has a phone) however this adds a special touch that sending a mundane text does not. Specifically for my son, as he is not even 3 years old yet, he does not have a phone. So, I can send a photo or drawing to him, and when he sees that a message is waiting he can run up and check it without needing mom to show him her phone.

Using this product is incredibly simple, sending a message truly is almost as easy as sending a text, using the companion app. Receiving is even easier. When there is a message waiting, the heart on the front will spin. Then you lift the lid and see the message displayed on the screen!

If you want to share some love back, you can manually spin the heart, sending a “waterfall of hearts” notification back to the sender.

This box has been wonderful for my family and I, sharing a special bit of love throughout the day. However Lovebox is perfect for many scenarios!

Perhaps you have a grandparent without a smart device (but has WiFi) that you want to send updated photos of the grandkids to, or simply a quick “I love you” or some other special note. Maybe your significant other works from home and you’d like to remind them how wonderful they are throughout the work day. Maybe you just want to be able to share fun pictures and drawings back and forth with your best friend. Regardless of your scenario, Lovebox can add an extra lawyer of sweet affection.

Lovebox comes in a handful of bundles, with color and black and white screen options. There are also interchangeable hearts to customize to your liking!

My family has loved this box, and we are so happy to have it in this crazy time of transition back to working out of the home!