The TCL Q7 TV hits the sweet spot for most customers, and gamers win big time

It’s amazing how cost-effective televisions have become. The fact that I can go drop less than $300-400 bucks on a 55-inch TV is amazing. However, all televisions are not created equal. TCL knows this and has created several models for its customers. The TCL Q7 TV is their mid-range option, and let me tell up front, it’s a fantastic buy – especially for gamers.


While setup is overall straightforward and simple, I had a bit of a difficult time getting Google to recognize and log in with the QR code given on the screen. I know if my parents were trying to set this up, they may need some help. I had to resort to manually going through set up and skipping the “fast way” through the QR code. That being said TCL makes it as straightforward as it can get by guiding me through the set-up process step by step.

As an Android user, I am thrilled to see TCL’s partnership with Google, and it makes it super easy to screen share with my phone through Google’s built in Chromecast capability. Additionally, the platform makes it easy to get apps and stream content quickly through my favorite services such as YouTube TV, Disney+, and Netflix. I also notice the remote is slightly better than the Q6 Series in that the buttons glow in the dark. This is super helpful for viewing in the dark for pausing or if you are me, just finding your remote.


The picture on the TCL Q7 TV undoubtedly delivers a commendable picture quality. I have to say it falls short of achieving an optimal picture due to a few limitations. It’s vibrant 4K resolution and dynamic HDR performance is a massive leap forward when comparing to the TCL Q6 class screen, but enthusiasts may be notice it doesn’t quite match the level of richness found in higher end models such as TCL’s own QM8 or even better many OLED screens. This disparity can be attributed to factors such as panel tech and processing capabilities, where premium televisions use more advanced components to achieve better color accuracy, contrast ratios, and deep black levels.

Don’t be fooled though. This picture is still absolutely amazing, and I love it. March Madness brings a whole new level of clarity, and I can tell you hands down – this TCL Q7 TV is leaps and bounds better than any lower priced (aforementioned $300-$400) screen I’ve seen. It’s also not nearly as expensive as the QM8 or most OLEDs out there. The TCL Q7 TV offers an impressive visual experience that surpasses the expectations of most consumers, and it strikes a fine balance between affordability and performance. If you have a gamer in the family, it is even more worth it.


Gamers – it’s time to rejoice. This is where the TCL Q7 TV truly shines. My last television (Sony) cost me well over $1000 dollars about five years ago. Sure, it’s a great TV, but at the time, I couldn’t even tell much of a difference in my games on my new Xbox One X. This TCL TV changed everything for me. Now that I’m gaming on an Xbox Series X, I can take full advantage of HDMI 2.1 and its 4K 120hz capabilities.

With HDMI 2.1 compatibility, the TCL Q7 ensures seamless connectivity with the Series X and PS5, enabling gamers to harness the full power of next-gen graphics and features. Whether it’s exploring vast open worlds, engaging in intense multiplayer battles, or enjoying fast-paced action sequences, every moment is rendered with stunning clarity and fluidity, thanks to the TV’s ability to deliver ultra-high-definition visuals at blistering speeds.

When I felt the difference between my old setup vs. the new, I was pretty stunned. I’m used to gaming on a PC because of the superior refresh rate. Things have now changed for me. TCL’s inclusion of a 120Hz refresh rate further enhances the gaming experience by reducing motion blur and input lag to virtually imperceptible levels. Gamers like myself can enjoy buttery-smooth gameplay with rapid response times, allowing for precise control and unparalleled responsiveness in even the most demanding gaming scenarios. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, the TCL Q7’s support for HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz ensures that you’ll always have the competitive edge, immersing yourself in gaming worlds with unparalleled fidelity and fluidity.


Here’s the deal – let’s just go ahead and address the elephant in the room – affordability. The TCL Q7 is a shining example of a television that doesn’t break the bank but offers everything probably 85% of the population would want or need. It does what it needs to do for the latest in gaming which honestly would be my main reason for the purchase. For penny pinchers, the prospect of acquiring a high-quality TV without emptying our wallets is a dream come true. With the TCL Q7, this dream becomes a tangible reality.