These Famolare sandals will have you walking right in style!

How they look

I love to change up my summer wear every so often. I usually want to go with something different from my casual Birkenstock. Something that will dress up my outfit for the night. But I never give in to discomfort. Nor do I walk too far from a simple style. I want to look cute, but my introverted self does not want to stand out from the crowd. I love a sandal made of beautiful, quality leather. Therefore, the design of this Famolare sandal meets my taste for a simple yet set-apart sandal. This specific one I’m reviewing, is just my style. If you like a more stand-out type of footwear, definitely check out their website for a ton of other fun styles!

How they feel

The day I opened the box for the Band and Deliver Famolare sandal, I was about to head off to my 30th birthday party. I tossed them on with my outfit and headed out the door. My first thought was that they fit and felt differently than my usual Birkenstock sandal. They were slimmer and had a strap between the toe. After a 10-hour day walking around the park with these, my feet did feel sore. They just weren’t used to the fit of these sandals yet. During the following week, I would wear them to church and even while cooking in the kitchen. Since that initial day, I haven’t had a problem with them feeling sore. As I did chores around my house, I actually found them to be very comfort. They became a very natural fit for everyday wear. The first time was either just a very long day for my feet in general, or the breaking in stage. Because now, I don’t have any issues with soreness.

Photo by Famolare

Now my feet are on the wider side. I have had many shoes not fit all that great because of that. The Band and Deliver sandal fits around the main width of my feet, though I do find my picky toes to be falling off the ends a bit. So if you have a wider than average foot like me, you may want to look at their wider toe shoe selection. 

The padding on this sandal forms perfectly. It has enough cushion that it will support your foot, while not making your feet sweat. Like I said, the first day wearing these was for my birthday party. It was a rainy and misty kind of day, yet I was running around everywhere to help get the last-minute things adjusted. I had no issues with my feet sweating in this sandal. I also had no issues with my feet sliding out of the sandals when they would get wet from the rain. The traction kept up very well. I’m always a bit nervous that a dressier shoe will have me sliding everywhere, but that was not a trouble here. 

Photo by Famolare

Additional thoughts

I absolutely love the toe band! It has just the right curve that it didn’t rub on my toes all day. It was so comfortable. I was impressed by Famolare’s attention to this simple detail. It shows a lot for a company. The thicker strap is designed further back than usual. This part took a bit of getting used to. As I visually was so used to my other sandals. But the unique design is what helps set it apart from others! After time, I came to love it!

If you do a check-up on the company, you will find they have so many unique and adorable designs! Famolare is a woman-owned business. They are honest in their effects to strive for sustainable products, while still giving quality at an affordable price. They have worked to keep their factories within less than 1000 miles of their warehouse, in effect to keep things more environmentally healthy. 

If you are seeking out a woman-owned business that strives for sustainability, without sacrificing style I would check out Famolare!