These Moment camera lenses for my iPhone make every picture look more professional

I take a lot of pictures throughout my days as a full-time mama. I want to capture the sweet moments of my kiddos, the beautiful scenery on a walk, and the core experiences we have as a family. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I do care about taking good photos. I started looking into ways to boost my iPhone photography abilities. I can’t carry a full camera for these adventures, especially not with a toddler and an infant, so I thought my options were finding new techniques to help use my iPhone camera. It turns out a company called Moment can help with mobile photography in a way I didn’t know was possible.

I’ve spent the last few months with some of the gear Moment offers in their iPhone lineup, and I am genuinely amazed at how much of a difference it makes.

First, I have fallen in love with the Wide 18mm Mobile Lens | M-Series. It has made photography even more fun and somehow simpler. Yes, I have to add a lens to the back of my phone, but that’s about as easy as taking the lens cap off of a legitimate, full-size camera would be. I can pull the lens out of my diaper bag, purse, or even pocket and twist it onto my iPhone case with my Moment adapter, and I’m good to go! This lens is super user-friendly and helps me take more expansive photos without any distortion or loss of clarity. Like a DSLR, this 18mm lens will give a stunning bokeh for the background, even without needing to use portrait mode on my iPhone. This lens has been called “the best wide lens for your smartphone”… now we understand why and agree.

The next lens I have been experimenting with is the 1.33x Anamorphic Mobile Lens – Blue Flare – M-Series. While this isn’t the lens I take with me to the park or on a walk, I will play around with this one occasionally for those fun shots or to experiment with my craft of photography! I’ve even started doing this for short videos of nature or even Live Photos to get a bit more motion and add fun to my shots.

The anamorphic lens immediately makes my shots look cinematic. When I get just the proper lighting, they look like they have been professionally edited before I even hit capture on my phone to take the photo! Admittedly, I am no professional photographer, but even in saying that, it shows just how impressive these lenses are. Anyone from an amateur to a seasoned veteran can pick up these lenses and benefit from them immediately.

Next, I chose to snag the Cold Shoe Mount for MagSafe. I have a little ring light I picked up from Amazon a while back, and for those low-light shots or evening shots where I needed a little more light, I wanted to utilize my light or any future lighting option easily. This mount is also great for Vlogging, as I could mount a mic or both a mic and light with the proper mounting equipment.

This combo takes mobile photography a step above when you add a Moment lens, the cold shoe mount with light and mic, or even the Mobile Filmmaker Cage and the Moment Pro Camera App, Moment Grain App, or the Moment RTRO App. Newer iPhones and other compatible smartphones can become a mobile studio and professional photography/video setup thanks to Moment’s mobile photography tools and accessories lineup.

I’ve loved using these camera lenses and accessories to step up my mobile photography over the
last few months, and I am sure you will too! If you want to get into photography or enhance your
portable setup, check out Moment lenses and accessories!