These safety features in the Nissan Versa are a wonder to behold — due to the low price

Sometimes safety features in modern cars are amazing, not so much because they are magical or innovative, but for another reason entirely. In the 2024 Nissan Versa, all of the lane-keeping features, cross-traffic alerts, and emergency braking features are amazing because they are included in a car that costs $16,290, the lowest of any car in the US.

It;s worth covering all of the features, even though I usually pick one to focus on, because it really helps explain the value of this small sedan. Again, these are all standard features.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

I tested automated braking in the Versa, but never in a situation where someone walked in front of the car. That’s not a scenario I would want to stage, and it just so happened that no one ever did walk in front of me while driving. It;s comforting to know the tech is there, that the car would brake automatically if someone did walk in front of the car.

Lane Departure Warning

Nissan was one of the first brands (along with Infiniti) to offer lane departure warning, and I liked how it was not overly sensitive in the Versa to the point where every time you drive it is constantly chirping. I like that it was there, and the soft nudge you feel is a good reminder — keep your car in the lane. Drifting is a common cause of accidents, because it is how two cars collide when they are both not paying attention.

Rear Automatic Braking

The Nissan Versa likes to ding ding ding at times, and that’s a good thing. When backing up, I noticed when my wife’s car was parked too close in the driveway to the lane I have, I was able to adjust my driving a bit going backwards. Another common cause of accidents has to do with backing up at malls and in driveways, because we just can’t see everything at all times. The car can. Using sensors, the Versa can detect any obstruction. Nissan says the tech will look behind you and to either side of the car as you go in reverse.

High Beam Assist

Interestingly, the high-beam assist in the Versa came in handy several times since, in my area, it gets dark really early and stays dark in the morning for a long time. I could see easier, and then the Verse adjusted the high beams for me so it didn’t blind other drivers. Since I’ve been testing cars for so long, I remember the times when high beam assist seemed like a wonderful new feature, but only in luxury cars. It’s now available in this lower cost sedan.

The Versa can also be equipped for a little extra with Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. I was impressed that the other technology was available for the most part at the basic trim level, and for an overall price that is the best you will find at any dealer.