This Eddie Bauer Convector Snap Mock fleece is a comfortable winter accessory

Thick, warm, and soft. Those three words describe the Eddie Bauer Convector Snap Mock fleece I tested recently, a pull-over that feels like you are wearing a quilt when it matters but otherwise is soft and comfortable enough to wear all day at work.

To test it, I decided to go on a long hike on a trail near my house. Eddie Bauer makes apparel that feels like it is made for Minnesota where I live. (The company is based in Bellevue, Washington.) 

I’ve been a fan for years, but this latest fleece is one of my favorites because of that hike in winter. It’s a knitted sweater which means there’s some added protection. It felt warm the entire time, and I never wished I had picked a different fleece from the closet.

In terms of fit and feel, the Convector is probably just slightly bigger than I am used to from Eddie Bauer. I’m an XL and I was a bit surprised that I could wear another shirt or even a second sweater and then don the Convector as a top layer. 

I noticed in the product description that the company mentions roughly the same thing, that the fleece can be worn solo or with another base layer or even another outer later.

However you decide to wear it, and if you choose to go a size smaller, the one thing that’s important to know is that this is a high-quality fleece. It’s thicker than most, and even after a few more hikes and washes, I could tell it wasn’t going to wear out anytime soon.

I also like how you can easily button up or button down the few snaps in the fleece for a snug or loose fit. I’ve been testing garments like this for quite some time, dating back to my days as an Inc. Magazine columnist even, and this is one of my favorites.