“Transfer Two-Way Tote” by Incase

Each day, life is full of different experiences for all of us. You may go to work and then immediately go to a parent teacher conference. Whatever your day looks like, you need a tote that can ease your needs for each experience.

Let’s see if the new “Transfer Two-Way Tote” by Incase is what you need.

The Backpack

The new “Transfer Two-Way Tote” by Incase is a much different tote than I’ve ever seen. It is a backpack that can also be used as a tote. Inside the backpack you have a pretty big space that is comparable to most backpacks. It also has the laptop sleeve with one of the best soft sleeve spaces I have seen in a backpack. This ensures that your screen or cover of whatever device you put there, won’t get rubbed on by a rugged material.

Also, on the interior of the bag you have two additional storage spaces. One would be for a smaller tablet or calculator for school. The other one is a mesh net style zipper, reminding me of pen/pencil storage. These additional storage locations don’t take up much space on the interior, leaving you more than enough room for your items in the main space. The exterior is a nice black color and features two water bottle holders on the side of the bag. In order to use the backpack version of this bag, you just need to tuck the tote handles into the large tote pockets on the front and back of the bag. This Incase two-way tote makes for a great backpack.

Let’s see what other uses we can get out of it.

The Tote

We have already seen the interior storage of this bag while using it as a backpack, and that doesn’t change when using it as a tote. All of the interior storage stays the same, we just add some on the exterior. While using this bag as a tote, you will untuck the tote handles from the large pockets noted in the previous section “The Backpack”. These pockets are very spacious. With a normal tote bag, you have the handles and then a big section in the middle maybe covered with a zipper. In my experience while using this tote, it is more user friendly by having the middle section zippered off and having the two large pockets on the outside that you can access.

Imagine using a regular tote. You are carrying your laptop and a bunch of other things including your ChapStick. You don’t want to have to unzip your bag and dig around until you find it. Don’t you want to have it accessible? That is where the design of this Incase tote really stands out. You can put what you need accessible in the exterior pockets, and your other items in the zipper section. There is also a small zipper with a fleece sleeve on the exterior that would be a great place to put your phone while using it as a tote.

The Verdict

You may be wondering if you need this bag, if you are only needing a tote or a backpack. My answer is simple. Why get just a backpack or just a tote, when you can have both in one? You may not use both settings of this bag in one day, but when you need to quickly switch bags, now you won’t have to. The “Transfer Two-Way Tote” by Incase is the bag we have been waiting for to ease our load each day.