WFH to workout – Chandra’s clothes have got you covered

Working from home gives me some flexibility with what I wear (at least from the waist down!). I like to wear leggings, and it is so helpful when the ones I wear can help me go from work to exercising without having to change. Finding leggings that are comfortable enough for me to wear all day and durable enough for working out can sometimes be a struggle. 

I was happy to find leggings ($70) from Chandra that fit this bill. They are soft as butter and aren’t so tight that I feel like they’re cutting into my legs, hips, or waist while I’m working. A bonus is that there are several cute patterns from which to choose. They also come in full length, 7/8, and capri length. The fabric is soft to the touch, but it is also sweat-wicking and flexible. I ordered a size larger than I usually wear as I wasn’t sure how these would fit. Let me tell you; I am glad I ordered them larger! They fit like a glove. So, my advice…order a size larger than you usually would.

I also thought I’d try out their sports bra ($60). Not only is it cute, but it also matches my leggings and has sweat-wicking fabric that keeps me dry when working out. The bra also has removable padding inserts that allow the wearer to adjust the bra for a better fit. I ordered my typical size and removed the inserts for a better fit. I wore the bra with the inserts, and it fit; however, it was a little snug for my liking. 

The leggings and sports bra are flexible enough for me to do a quick workout on my elliptical or dance my cares away with a Cize workout with Shaun T. My biggest issue with the products is their high price tag. It’s just difficult for me to dish out over $50 for a sports bra or leggings. If you’re looking for a pair of super-soft, comfortable leggings or a new sports bra and don’t mind spending the money, these are worth it.