You can leave your water bottle at home, this Gregory Daypack has you covered

Whether on a hike or just heading to class, you’re going to get thirsty sooner or later.  The reservoir in the Inertia 24 H20 Daypack by Gregory holds two liters or 64 ounces which will replace the need for your bulky water bottle, in fact, it would replace two of them.

Let’s talk about the pack itself.  It’s very comfortable and lightweight with all the normal adjustment straps you could want.  The back panel is breathable to keep you cooler during use.  The high-quality build seems like it will last a long time.  There are multiple pockets that will meet your needs in most instances.  Then of course my favorite part of this pack, the included hydro reservoir.

The included reservoir has a couple of highlights.  It’s very easy to fill, empty, and dry.  It hangs quickly into the pack with a clip system and has a magnetic bite valve attachment.  When you do want to dry it, it has a clip for that too!

This pack is very light.  If you pack lightly, you may forget that you even have it on.  I would like to carry my MacBook in it, but there isn’t enough padding on the bottom of it.  That could cause some wear and tear on my laptop over time.

For everything else, I like this pack.  The hydro system is what puts it above the rest.  Pick one up here!