Nomad, is the creator of the Base Station Pro, and many more phenomenal products ranging from cases to cables and chargers.

From July 19th to July 25th they are running a 30% off sale, where you can use code “GR30” to get 30% off site wide!

This is the perfect time to pick up a Base Station Apple Watch Edition! This one device is able to wirelessly charge your iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch, all while also allowing you to charge a device via USB-C and USB-A!

Personally, this is what I have on my nightstand. I don’t like a lot of cluttter, so having one unit is perfect! I can charge my iPhone and Watch at night, AirPods when needed, and when my iPad Pro needs a top off, I can plug it in to the same Base Station!

I truly cannot find something that matches my Base Station Apple Watch Edition’s simple, elegant and powerful design yet — when it comes to bedside charging. For my desk, I still utilize my Base Station Pro!