Wireless charging will never be the same

I remember my first time using a wireless charger. I was blown away at the ease of use. I set my iPhone down on a pad, no cables needed, and went about my business. My mind ran wild with what the future of this technology could be. 

Several years later, here we are. Every phone now uses it. It’s now common and almost predictable. I’ve seen high-end cars with a wireless charging pad, some lamps, and more.. That is, until Nomad decided to change the game.

Nomad recently released their Base Station Pro and it has changed the face of wireless charging for the better.

With a traditional charger, there are usually three coils inside so when you place your device on the pad, if they are not aligned, your device won’t charge. The original Base Station from Nomad even used this coil technology although it usually worked and made it easy  and  efficient to charge . However with the Base Station Pro, Nomad opted for an entirely different charging technology — Aria’s power technology. 

Known as FreePower, the charging pad doesn’t require anything to be perfectly aligned. Inside are 18 coils instead of only a few. Now, with my Base Station Pro, I can place my iPhone, AirPods, or any other wirelessly charging capable device anywhere on the pad with no problems. No more waiting for the charging notification, a light on the device, or tapping my screen to check if charging is happening. I can drop (or gently place) my device with confidence that when I grab it again in the morning or after my meeting, it will be charged.

The pad can charge three devices at once. With a 7.5-watt charging speed, my gadgets hit 100% faster. My iPhone charged fully in four hours — while this is still not as fast as cabled options, or the recently released Magsafe charging, it is pretty phenomenal. Personally, unless I absolutely need my phone charged ASAP, I prefer the ease (and cool factor) of wireless charging.

I absolutely love having this on my desk. Working from home recently, I usually have several devices charging at once.  What is so great about the Base Station Pro is that it’s not only minimalist in footprint, but it is beautiful to look at. The Horween Leather surface ages slightly, a staple of all Nomad leather products.

I can see myself buying another Base Station Pro (or other Nomad products) for my car, office (if COVID ever ceases), and more. I’m now even more of a Nomad fanboy. Another benefit is the USB-C port. It means I can charge easily because most of my devices now use this standard. 

At $200, the pad is a bit spendy. Most Mophie single device pads cost around $50 and even their multi-device  pad is $150. They don’t use this new technology, which saves time during my hectic day. Now I wish there was a charge pad for all of my laptops, tablets, and other devices.