6 office products that will help you stay productive

Your productivity can depend greatly on the gear you have. Junky printers, a mouse that only works “okay” or a dock for your laptop that disconnects once in a while can grind your work to a halt. This gear won’t change your life in an instant, but each item was hand-selected to give you a nice boost.

1. Epson ET-2400 printer

I’m also a book author, so the Epson ET-2400 printer boosted my productivity during writing sessions when I needed to output a chapter or two. The ink tanks can be refilled to keep the pages pumping, and the wireless connection worked perfectly the first time (and every time).

2. Nomad MagSafe Base One Charger

My favorite wireless charger, mostly because it is made of such high-quality materials, the Nomad Base One is a beast. It weighs 18 ounces and stays put on any counter or desk. When I place my iPhone 14 Pro down on the pad, it fits snugly and chimes to let me know it’s charging.

3. Logitech Desk Mat

Does a high-quality mousepad keep you productive? I would say yes, after testing the Logitech Desk Mat. The reason is that my mouse worked really well and never had any issues tracking my movement. The mouse also doesn’t shift around on the leather pad.

4. Satechi Aluminum USB-C Mobile Pro SD Adapter

This adapter for the iPad Pro really changed how I worked. I connected the Satechi Mobile Pro adapter to the USB-C port on my iPad Pro, then connected a wired keyboard to the USB port. It’s handy because the adapter itself is small yet has enough extra connections to keep me cruising along at work.

5. Belkin USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock

There’s a lot to like about this laptop dock, but my favorite feature is that it doubles as a stand and keeps my MacBook Pro raised off the desk, which keeps it a bit cooler. There are ports for camera cards, an HDMI-connected monitor, keyboard and mouse, and headphones.

6. Anker USB-C Hub for iPad

This iPad hub worked well for my iPad Pro especially in terms of quick charging. There’s a cable to connect to a wall outlet, and then a shorter cable to connect to the tablet. I liked how the stand elevates the iPad to eye level, and it stayed sturdy on my desk during furious typing sessions.