Goldilocks and your kid will agree this Crate&Kids chair is just right

A little girl sitting on her Crate&Kids chair by the Christmas tree.
Credit: Crate&Kids

Our 18-month old is always wanting to climb up on chairs. He is notorious for stealing my seat once I get up and wanting to push me out of my chair to sit in it on his own. This prompted us to search for a chair for our little man. While there are a ton of options, we found a very wide range in quality and price, along with features and size. Then we found the Crate&Kids Large Grey Nod Chair.

While the setup was somewhat frustrating, everything since has been anything but. During construction of the chair, we discovered that the pieces are so tight-fitting that placing the inserts into the cover required multiple attempts. However, what this shows is the quality at which the foam inserts are made of. Unlike some chairs that we found, this chair is made to last — and stay comfortable.

The very fact that the foam and cover are separate entities was a huge selling point for my wife and I. Knowing that if, or should I say when, our toddler spills we can easily pull the cover off and wash it in a standard washing machine is incredibly relieving.

From the eyes of our toddler, this chair has everything. It is his perfect size and easy to move. My son’s Crate&Kids Chair is easier to move than other kids furniture on the market, allowing him to adjust and move as he desires on his own. 

I don’t know about your kids (or other little ones in your life) but my son is incredibly independent right now. He has even turned down cookies because I wouldn’t let him grab them out of the container himself. This chair allows him the freedom to move from room to room with ease.

Another feature that my son loves is the built-in pocket on the back of the chair. He loves to put his favorite book in there, or a toy for safekeeping. This helps him feel a little more like it is his chair and he loves it.

For those with multiple kids, or have experienced their little one loving one color and then an entirely different color, fear not. Crate&Kids has a range of cover options, including customization, allowing for the most universal or tailored chair of your choosing.

The last feature I will mention is not only a huge help for my son, but also for my wife and I. Crate&Kids added a handle in the top of the chair for ease of grabbing. Not only is this beneficial to my son, but also to myself and my wife. As a parent, there are not many times that we have both hands free. Allowing for an easy one handed grabbing point is incredibly useful.

After a few weeks now of using this chair I can say that my son is a huge fan. I love seeing the smile on his face when he is able to jump into his own spot and watch his favorite shows or read his favorite book.