7 new iPhone cases to freshen it up

The time has come again. Every so often I feel the need to switch up my iPhone case. This time around, I wanted to look outside of the basics and well known iPhone cases I have had in the past. I have been a fan of Mous iPhone cases for years. My wife and I have both had Otterboxes, and the cheap ones too. For these, I wanted to try and find some brands or cases I have heard of, but not tried myself quit yet. So, here’s the seven best iPhone cases I could find right now.

Incipio Duo

The Incipio Duo seemed like a pretty slimline and simple black case. I was very intrigued by it’s 12 ft drop protection and almost brand-less look — as the Incipio logo is an incredibly clean square. The black minimalist look is simple and beautifully inconspicuous. After having it on my beloved iPhone 13 Pro Max for a while, I can confidently say that I feel like this case protected my phone well — though the back felt a little slick to hold onto.

Survivor Clear

For this case, I chose it because I have never been a clear case person before. Though I care a lot about what color iPhone I get, I have never actually seen my iPhone color past the first 5 minutes of ownership before putting my case on. So, I thought let’s get a clear so I can see the beautiful iPhone 13 Pro Max shine through. The Survivor Clear does exactly that while also protecting well. The edges were easy to grip, the back was nice and clear while looking strong enough to not get scratched super easy. Survivor promotes by saying “activate your forcefield” and I truly felt like my iPhone was “clearly” (…get it…) protected.

Incipio Stashback

The Incipio Stashback 2.0 was one of the cases I thought was absolutely worth checking out. I am the kind of person who when I go out quick to a park or something with my wife and kids, I don’t want to have to bring my full wallet. Or any bulk. I want to just grab the essentials, my phone and keys. But, since we still need to carry our physical cards in my state, and not everywhere takes Apple Pay (I mean come on, its 2022 people) I carry a card and my ID with me still. The Stashback allows for me to do exactly that all in one. Adding the Stashback to my beloved iPhone means that my iPhone is safe, and so are my cards!

Moment Case

The Moment Case is wonderfully simple like the Incipio Duo above. What I love about this case is that it has some added features if you want them. Everyone knows Moment as a mobile lens company. So, if you have some of those lenses, this case can actually be what you mount those lenses to! Or, if you are someone who doesn’t care for extra lenses for your iPhone, this case is then a super slim, minimalist case that essentially adds bumper protection to your phone. While the Duo has more drop protection, this case actually is a little bit grippier on the back.

Nomad Modern Leather

It’s no secret I have been a fan of Nomad gear for years. Their Horween leather is gorgeous at the start, and becomes even more beautiful as it patinas over time and use. The same concept continues with this one. It is a sleek phone case, just this time with a beautiful leather backing, while adding some bumper protection. One addition that is truly crazy that this has built in, is a digital business card. Via POPL, you can use NFC that is built in on modern phones to tap the back of these cases to automatically pull up your digital business card. It’s like magic, and a very nice touch.

Zagg Gear4 Crystal Palace

Similar to the clear case I mentioned earlier in this review, the Zagg Gear4 Crystal Palace is a completely clear iPhone Case. If you love the look of your iPhone, which why wouldn’t you, the iPhone is gorgeous, this case is worth considering. What Zagg does very well is that there is a good amount of drop protection that is completely invisible to the eye as it is all clear. Zagg boasts a 13’ drop protection all while showing off the true star of the show, your iPhone.

Oakywood Wooden MagSafe Case

Oakywood, as the name alludes, is a company that makes gorgeous products out of wood. I back in the day, when I had an iPhone 6s, I had a wooden iPhone case like this. I wanted to see if I still liked it and I had seen great things from Oakywood. All in all this case is beautiful, and very clean. The wood is simple, while still looking elegant, and provides a good amount of drop protection. The wood backing feels strong, premium, and secure as well!