MorePeas snack cups holds more than just peas

Snack cup by MorePeas

My son is a snacker. To be fair, I am as well. We love to have a snack or two… at a time… throughout the day. For my son, while he is still 3 years old, I don’t trust him to carry snacks around the house without supervision.

Admittedly (my fault), we have had to keep a good supply of stain treater, wipes, and the likes because of this. All accidental, all learning curves. But now, we have the ability to be able to trust that his snacks are secured. Better yet, when traveling we now have a fun case to hold snacks in as well!

Honestly, I wish I would have found MorePeas before my Disney trip earlier this year, because these cups would have absolutely made the trip a lot easier!

I tried to find snack bowls and cups that could help contain some of the snacks in an easier way. Some had lids, some had high walls, and some had seals. Nothing was working how I wanted it to. I wanted to find something that was multipurpose, was first and foremost kid friendly, and could be easily cleaned.

When I first found MorePeas I was actually super pumped. I picked up the Essential Snack Cup in Blueberry (Blue and green) and it has been perfect! The other color options include Sherbet (orange, blue and green) and also Melon (blue, orange/pink and yellow).

This snack cup is also a steamer, suction cup, and has a sealable lid. It can be washed in the dishwasher and can be interchanged with other MorePeas products.

A quick look on the MorePeas site shows that there is actually a wide array of MorePeas products that all work harmoniously together. The essential snack bowls can stack and interlink, as well as connect to the snack cups. The tethers can attach to the handles with ease while the tethers and spoons are great companions made of the same great materials.

While I originally chose the MorePeas cup for my son, I am considering getting more as my daughter loves using the cup as well. She loves the bright colors, the suction cup helps immensely, and the sealed lid turns snacks into a game for her.

All in all, these cups are phenomenal, I wish there was a few more options for sizes, however the quality and my time using these cups so far has been wonderful.

If you have kids, messy toddlers, or a spouse who can’t stop spilling snacks, check out MorePeas!