A charging dock right out of the forest

The Oakywood triple dock on a desk in use by AirPods, the Apple Watch, and an iPhone.
Credit: Oakywood

If you want a sleek but natural look when charging your Apple products, you need to check out the Triple Dock from Oakywood. This newly released product gives you the simplicity of a one-unit charging station with the appearance of live-edge wood. Coming in two different wood finishes (oak and walnut) it is made to match any room’s theme or design. 

At first glance, the Oakywood charging dock appeared to fit more in an office setting. I keep mine in my bedroom. While I love having a charging station like this at my bedside, I find it takes up a lot of space. Despite this, I can’t help but keep it on my nightstand because it looks so clean. 

Being an owner of an iPhone 11, an Apple Watch 4 Gen, and Airpod Pros, I needed something that could do it all when it comes to charging. Boasting enough space to hold all of these devices, I was shocked by how compact it was overall.

The top of the station is flat with a rugged, angled edge along the sides. Upon opening, I was quite curious about how I was going to fit cables through this charger. You read that correctly; cables. I’m not too happy about this since each of these products can charge wirelessly. With how dense this product is in weight, I was not thrilled to find that I had to snake cables through the device. 

This leads to some other shortcomings I found. The felt pads to hold up the phone and other products seemed rather unnecessary and awkward to adjust. Having to use a set screw to place the pad just added one more tool needed to charge my Apple products. 

At this point, the look and design started to become the only thing unique about this product. In hopes of something more simple and versatile, I found this charging station is, unfortunately, complex and difficult to maneuver. I would not consider taking this device off of my nightstand to set it up in another location. 

As someone who frequently flies for work, this is not a simple solution for at home or on the job. Finding a place to store this in any travel piece of luggage would be more frustrating than if I were to just bring cables and charging blocks. 

At $79 for Oak and $89 for Walnut finishes of this product, the price point seems rather steep for just being a dock but I was glad to see it included two charging cables, blocks not included. 

Overall, I was won over by the look of this product but when it came to function I just couldn’t get on board. Finding handcrafted products can be challenging when it comes to technology so I do give kudos for the handiwork involved.