AI-powered exercise bike delivers sweat-free 8-minute and 40-second workout

Credit: CAR.O.L

It’s in our nature to want to be better, faster, and stronger, but many don’t have the time or patience to dedicate hours each day to working out. CAR.O.L is the newest fitness AI-powered exercise bike to enable individuals to exercise for the least possible time with the greatest health benefit.  

Short for CARdiovascular Optimization Logic, CAR.O.L. is the first interactive exercise bike powered by artificial intelligence to automate, optimize and personalize each workout. The bike uses advanced technology and machine learning to adjust the resistance based on the rider’s real-time performance in order to continually improve strength and endurance, meaning there’s no chance of reaching the dreaded exercise plateau. 

The bike’s signature eight-minute and 40-second workout is backed by the work of Dr. Niels Vollard, whose research found that two 20-second all-out sprints, bracketed by easy spinning, resulted in the same physical response as a much longer exercise regimen. One session on CAR.O.L is the equivalent of a 45-minute jog, yet the workout is so short and effective that the rider doesn’t get hot enough to sweat.

The sprints are designed to use up glycogen and build muscle in the shortest time possible. By using the bike at least three times a week, the rider trains their body to adjust to rapid glycogen depletion and start burning fat once glycogen runs low. The short, intense exercise bursts create excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to help riders continue burning fat for up to 12 hours after working out. 

Before beginning to train with CAR.O.L., each rider must complete six calibration sessions. This helps the bike learn key biometric markers, including fatigue, heart rate, and power production, to determine the initial resistance. Designed for everyone from beginner to high-performance athlete, each session is personalized and calibrated to the rider’s fitness level. 

The bike features seven workout modes, including CAR.O.L’s primary program, Intense, an eight-minute and 40-second exercise that includes two 20-second sprints, a two-minute warm-up, a three-minute recovery period and a three-minute cooldown.

The science behind this AI-powered exercise bike is impressive, to say the least. But perhaps even more important than the hard data is the convenience factor.  We live in a world that moves at the fastest pace in human history. Survey after survey shows that the vast majority of the population does not participate in regular exercise, and going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle can be daunting for most people. 

If you’re looking to add some exercise to your weekly routine, ask yourself, are you more likely to go for a 45-minute jog five times per week? Or are you more likely to spend 8 minutes and 40 seconds on the CAR.O.L just three times per week? When shopping for at-home exercise equipment, always consider the “opportunity cost.” CAR.O.L will save you countless hours every month as your tool of choice for weekly exercise.

Justin Nault is the Founder and CEO of The Clovis Culture.