CIGA Design launches a watch created to bring some Zen to your wrist

The CIGA Design J Series mechanical watch is inspired by Karesansui

Credit: CIGA Design

The ancient art of Karesansui, known as “Japanese Zen gardens” is the design inspiration behind a unique new watch from Chinese watch designer CIGA Design.

The result is the CIGA Design J Series Zen Karesansui Mechanical Watch which launched this week on Kickstarter. The intricately designed watch is a well thought out timepiece, with each element representing a realm of Zen, specifically embodied by Karesansui.

Karesansui is a form of Japanese gardening literally translating to “dry landscape” or “dry mountain and water.” They usually feature sand and gravel representing water, and stones representing mountains. They are often used by Japanese monks to add in meditation. The gardens date back centuries and originate in the Chinese gardens of the Han Dynasty. 

“The art of Karesansui allows people to focus on their hearts and live mindfully in a noisy, hectic world,” said CIGA Design CEO and Founder Zhang Jiamin in a news release.  “We have designed every element of the watch to be instilled with the Zen of these gardens for a truly unique mechanical watch.”

The watch has a hollow design, wherein the outer layer represents the outward form of reality, the middle layer represents a deeper understanding, and the core layer represents the essential core of reality.

It comes with a choice of silicone strap that features Karesansui lines, or an elegant stainless steel option. 

The J Series has a patented floating hour hand that hovers above the skeleton movement. As it turns, it is as if the two parts come together to represent how an individual communicates with the world while pursuing a deeper essence within themselves. Meanwhile, X-shaped equal-length double hands span the entire dial, breaking the time reading tradition of most watches. The hands cross at different times to form differing visual effects for a highly impactful appearance. 

The dial includes 120 fine lines and a pitch of just 0.3mm, the ultimate micron precision for an intricate and complex design. A dual-hollow design provides a look into the mechanics of the watch to view and admire the craftsmanship on a deeper level as the wearer sees and feels the watch at work. 

The CIGA Design J Series is equipped with original Japan-made Citizen Miyota Movement. The movement frequency is 21,600 times/hour, 21 diamonds, and energy storage is 42 hours.

The watch face comes in either black or white and is made with K9 high strength mineral glass. 

Founded by designer Zhang Jiamin – who has been named one of China’s top 10 outstanding industry

designers – in 2016, CIGA Design has won the most Red Dot Design Awards in the Chinese watch field, and in total has won nine Red Dot Awards, three iF Awards, and two German Design


This is the second new watch the company has launched via crowdfunding this year, with the company’s Z-Series watch raising over a whopping $2 Million on Indiegogo. 

The watch is available now on Kickstarter at the early bird price of $369 USD.

Rosemary Newton is a communications specialist on behalf of CIGA Design.

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