Always prepared — in the wilderness or in skinny jeans

The Gerber Armbar Drive being used to shred kindling for a fire during camping.
Credit: Gerber

If you know me, you know I like to be prepared. I’m notorious for always having a knife or two, a pen, a multitool or two, and more on me pretty much at all times. I also am a guy who wears fitted pants, nothing too baggy, meaning that I don’t have a ton of space to fit these items I carry with me daily.

Call me crazy because I probably am, but I don’t want to just stop carrying these multi-tools with me. I would rather find a better way to carry them – or better tools in general – to carry.

That is why when I found the Gerber Armbar Drive, I was ecstatic. I could now carry a fully functional multitool and knife with me and have it take up minimal space in my pocket.

This tool is so helpful, I have even gone on full camping trips without worry or need to bring a handful of tools I would normally bring because I knew that I had it covered with my Gerber Armbar Drive.

I love the slim profile while still having a 2.5” driver. And while I usually have my Gerber Shard with me, having the full-size screwdriver is remarkably helpful. 

One way that I have been very grateful to have such a useful tool has been with my son’s toys. I feel like everything these days has batteries and needs a little screwdriver to open.

Instead of heading to my toolbox to pull out a screwdriver, I can just reach into my pocket and pull out a no-compromise Phillips or flathead bit and get to work.

Another way I find myself using this tool is for unboxing products I am reviewing for Gearadical. Not needing a handful of tools to unbox and assemble products in my office has been surprisingly wonderful.

No matter if I take this tool fishing, camping, on the road, or to the playroom, I know I can rely on Gerber’s quality to get the work done.

I love having my Gerber Armbar, and adding it to my everyday carry couldn’t have been easier with its plethora of tools and minuscule size.