Annihilate your stress with Speks

A variety of different colored sets of Speks magnets in various shapes.
Credit: Speks

A long day of work can make a person feel crazy sometimes. I know it can for me. Long periods of thinking about the same project can make my mind do some wild things. I can often feel like my creativity is crushed beneath the weight of my various responsibilities. It’s disheartening.

It has actually been shown that taking breaks during work to think about something else gives us more productivity and creativity. I know for me I begin to zone out after too long of trying to think of some solution to a problem I’m solving. With that being said, I have found the perfect fix: Speks.

Someone holding a ball of silver Speks magnets.
Credit: Speks

Speks are tiny magnets. It sounds so simple, yet it is so very beneficial. When I opened up my first container of Speks, I knew immediately that this was going to be good. They come shaped in a cube, but they are able to be molded into whatever you please. Or, if you’re less of an engineer and just a stressed individual (like me) you can simply squash that square into a mash of magnetic “putty.” I find it so satisfying.

Each container of Speks comes with a few vital items. First, of course, the Speks themselves. But that’s not all. You are also given a magnet stand to use for the Speks if you so choose. Each square of Speks comes with a container to store them in. There is a splitting card (if you’re into the details like that), and there is even a guide to building cool shapes and models! 

If you’ve ever been into Legos, this feels like a more fluid version. You can be as precise as you need, but you could also just use it to blow off some steam and mindlessly crunch and squish and pull the magnets until you are ready to take on the day’s demands once more.

Each cube of Speks that you purchase contains 512 rare earth magnets. This might seem like a lot, but I was quite surprised at the tiny size of it. For relieving stress, I usually prefer a big handful of something to squish, but this cube is probably about 6 centimeters long on each side. It hardly fills my palm, and for $25 I was hoping for more.

Regardless of the lacking amount of Speks per cube, I have to say that I am incredibly happy with this item. Magnets are so soothing, and it gives me so many options to be creative. I personally know tons of people who would love Speks, and I think I may make this a gift for several friends and family members this year.

The world needs a little less stress and a lot more creativity. Speks is definitely helping that happen!