The Roccat Burst Pro is a lightweight gaming mouse that packs a heavyweight punch

A man holding the Roccat Bust Pro mouse in his hand as it lights up a honeycomb pattern of vibrant green and yellow.
Credit: Roccat

It started with 60 of us. My squad and I relentlessly trekked across the changing terrain of a constantly shrinking map collecting every last shred of loot we could get our hands on. I could feel the intensity of the round in my bones, and an anxious heart pounding in my chest – we were going to be the last squad standing. 

At this point, I have all the right gaming gear and little excuse for losing beyond skill or the occasional false claim of network lag or opponent hacking. With the Roccat Burst Pro mouse firmly in my grip, I watched the number of players dwindle until, as I initially suspected, it was us versus them – two squads left. We were going to win and could feel the sweet sense of relief that comes with being the sole survivors of an intense match. I would give credit for the spoils of victory to the speed and comfort of the Burst Pro. 

The Action

Roccat has a great handle on what works in gaming mice. I am so impressed by the level of comfort I feel with any mouse I try from this company. I’m not sure you can go wrong with the quality of comfort you get in their gaming mice. The Burst Pro is certainly no exception to this rule despite one minor flaw I’ll get to later. 

The mouse sits lower to your desk compared to the Kain mice Roccat offers. I am surprised at how much I enjoy the feel of this mouse despite my ravings about the Kain 120. It actually may fit my hand slightly better, and it glides really well on my mouse pad. Titan optical switches make this a great combo with Roccat Vulcan keyboards. I can adjust DPI beyond what I typically use (up to 16,000 DPI). I manually updated buttons to my preferences for games like Apex. I actually like the clickiness of this mouse a bit better than the aforementioned Kain 120 and Kain 200 wireless. 

The View

As with most of Roccat’s products, the Burst Pro looks gorgeous – in particular when paired using Aimo and combined products give off the same RGB lighting. Don’t be fooled when you see what appears to be a solid shell on the mouse. It’s solid, but once plugged in there is a distinct honeycomb design underneath an opaque palm grip that helps reduce the weight of the mouse. 

As with most gaming mice, the side buttons are ergonomically positioned and in the perfect spot for quick access to what they are assigned to do. I tend to use them for grenades and health. The glides are smooth and the wire is a shoelace style that helps the mouse feel as light as a feather. 

The Reality

So did we win? Well – no. My worst fears were realized when my teammates were flanked when I briefly left our final hideout to grab additional ammo. I was alone. A single player was able to take out my team with a well-placed grenade ambush – but I could see him and I had a sniper rifle with plenty of ammo. I lined up the shot best I could, considering a constantly moving target, aimed slightly ahead of my opponent, and fired. The problem is, my hand slipped just a hair on my mouse due to sweaty palms (likely excuse – right?) and the intensity of the match, and I missed. 

An incredible mouse is hindered by one minor flaw. It gets a bit warm presumably from the thin design (to help reduce weight and drag). My palm seems to sweat more with this otherwise fantastic feeling piece of hardware. This mouse could cost some victories if handled for long periods. Well – that is my excuse. Perhaps my lack of skill led to my demise. This beast packs an incredible bunch for its low profile design and lightweight feel. In my opinion, it is a wonderful option for hour-long sessions or less intense play. I may even like it better than the Kain – maybe. Happy gaming!