Are the Gunnar ESL Blade Gaming Glasses really the #1 choice?

The Gunnar ESL Blade Gaming Glasses.
Credit: Gunnar

When I first noticed my eyes were always dry eye and sore, I knew I needed a solution. I sit in front of my computer and use my phone for the majority of my day. If I’m not on my phone or computer, I watch some TV which only adds to the soreness. All my life, I have had dry and sensitive eyes. With screen time being at an all-time high, I figured I’d invest in some blue light glasses.

My first pair was the Turing in Fire Tortoise blue light glasses. Funny name, but they were fantastic. They were stylish and not bulky at all. They fit my face and had a thick frame. As a person who doesn’t wear glasses, they felt great. I didn’t even notice they were on my face. Video gaming for hours wasn’t problematic, nor were long hours in front of the computer. 

When I tried the Gunnar ESL Blade Gaming Glasses, I didn’t get the same result. The glasses didn’t fit my face. I have a bigger nose, but I felt like it was more than that. The adjustable nose pad wasn’t adjustable at all. It felt as though I was about to break it when I tried to adapt it to fit my face. I also found that the material of the glasses as a whole felt cheap. The metal frame was flimsy and thin. I was uncomfortable with the way they sat on my face as well. The arms of the glasses were straight, which is probably where the problem originated. I like when the arms curl with the shape of your ear. The rubber that encased the arms for comfort felt a little sharper than I wanted. It was less soft than I anticipated and it dug into my ears when I adjusted them. 

Wearing the glasses with headphones was possibly the worst part about them. Along with the uncomfortableness, the headphones pushed on the arms, making the glasses slide up my face into my eyes. Coupled with the unsatisfactory nose pads, the lenses frequently touched my eyelashes. I was constantly pulling them down and adjusting them. This, in turn, resulted in a lot of smudges, even when I was careful. Each time I did that, my ears hurt a little more from the uncomfortable arms. 

The glasses have four lenses to choose from, which was interesting. The lenses of these glasses were tinted amber.  Although they were uncomfortable, the lenses performed very well. I didn’t see the amber tint to be a problem. The lenses didn’t look or feel cheap in any way. Additionally, I was happy to find that my eyes were never sore or dry when using the gaming glasses. They were excellent lenses. 

The purchase includes a glasses case, microfiber pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a 12-month warranty. I saw the pouch was not as good as a case, but a 12-month warranty is phenomenal. The price is $79.99, which seems to be a little on the higher end. 

I found these glasses to be uncomfortable when gaming as well, and these were meant for gaming competitively for long hours. I believe that the lenses are top-tier, but the design of the glasses doesn’t seem to measure up. I like a thicker frame when I am gaming, and these glasses were quite the opposite. However, the website mentions the Gunnar 6-Siege Intercept glasses that are an interesting style. At $79.99 as well, they look like a much better alternative to the ESL Blade. They are a thicker style, with a comfort-curved nose rest that I think I would enjoy. With Gunnar providing great lenses, this one might be a better alternative. 

With the Gunnar ESL Blade Gaming Glasses, I felt myself wanting a thicker frame with better nose comfort. I thought that the frame was too thin to fit under my headset and was cheaply made. The lenses were great, but the style just wasn’t what I was looking for. I don’t believe these would be a good purchase for $79.99, and I think you can get a better style on their website for the same price. 

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