Experience indispensable layering with the Georgetown Hooded Jacket

A man wearing his Georgetown Hooded Jacket in the bright red color.
Credit: Georgetown

With the recent outbreak of cold across the US, many of us have been thinking about how to stay warm and still look great. I have been really grateful for my Georgetown Hooded Jacket from OR as part of my defense against the cold, as it’s gotten down to -28℉, and with a wind chill even lower! 

I’ve been wearing it almost every day for nearly a month, and I think I have finally found the perfect layering jacket. It’s sleek enough that it fits easily underneath my outer winter jacket. But it’s also roomy enough (without being baggy) to fit comfortably over my casual sweatshirt hoodie. The cozy lining is comfortable against my skin, so on the few strangely warm days we had before the cold snap I was able to wear it over a t-shirt. 

This jacket cuts the wind better than any light jacket I’ve ever had. This has been especially useful against the bitter windchill we have experienced recently. The longer-than-average sleeves work nicely with my gloves to avoid a gap along the wrists. I also found, to my surprise, that I really like having my wrists covered when I’m just wearing the jacket around the house or on a day that is warm enough that I don’t need gloves. The jacket itself is long enough that it comfortably covers my waist and the transition to my pants – a definite plus when avoiding cold drafts in the winter.

The construction of the jacket is solid. I have been hard on it – playing with my kids and the dog and wearing it almost constantly and there are no signs of wear yet. The side pockets are warm and comfortable. The breast pocket is roomy enough for a large phone. The three pocket zippers and the main zipper all work well, which is a big deal for me. 

The hood is big enough to go over my beanie/stocking cap but is small and light enough that I don’t notice the weight. And, it doesn’t bunch up uncomfortably when worn with other hooded clothing (hoodies, outer jackets, etc.). It does not have a drawstring, which I don’t mind as this contributes to the cleaner look and feel of the jacket. One of my favorite things about this jacket is that it just looks good. I have worn it while teaching and speaking and it is surprising to me that something so comfortable can also dress up my outfit so nicely. 

I haven’t noticed many downsides, but there are a couple of things to take into account if you are considering this jacket for yourself. First, Like any zip-up, the zipper bunches up a little when I am sitting down. Second, the jacket is not advertised as being waterproof. It has been too cold to test it in the rain, but in a quick test I did inside, it only shed some of the water; I don’t think it should be used as a rain jacket. Third, in daily use the jacket is quiet, but I made the mistake of wearing it while recording a podcast and there was some ‘swooshing’ that the mic picked up from the fabric moving. None of three of these drawbacks are a big deal, as long as you are aware of the right use-cases for the jacket. 

I’m really glad to have the Georgetown Hooded Jacket in my cold-weather gear arsenal, and I am confident it will be great in the transition to spring and fall as well. 

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