Bring the weather inside with the Smartmi standing fan 2S

The Smartmi fan in a room with a person.
Credit: Smartmi

Ever fall asleep on the back porch? Sometimes the couch is a tempting place to take a nap. What makes it even better is the long day, sunshine, and a fresh breeze. Smartmi Standing Fan 2S makes it possible for you to sleep inside while enjoying the same breeze as the outdoors.

This smart fan, and its seven blades, has a setting that simulates natural airflow. The system fluctuates the blade speed to copy how we feel the natural wind. I think that’s why people love to sleep on hammocks in the park– the airflow gives them a fresh feeling. The fan is smart enough to change the blade rotation smoothly without giving you turbulence like an airplane.

The Smartmi fan up close.
Credit: Smartmi

The other night, I woke up because I was too cold. However, this was not a problem. Instead of getting up to change the speed manually, the app allows me to simply make a few taps on my phone to reduce it. Also, I can turn the fan off when I’m not home (I wish there could’ve been the same function with my steam iron that almost burned down my house once).

Usually, my body wakes up due to noise. I don’t even leave my phone on during the night to play relaxing music (it always makes me think someone is calling me). Luckily for me, this fan is so quiet, I can’t even tell it’s on. The quiet motor in the fan eliminates any noise that could disrupt my dreams. 

Since the fan has a function to connect to an app, anybody from the family can change the settings. Besides having an on/off switch, you can change the angle and choose how wide you want the fan to blow. Since the fan works on Wi-Fi, you can use it remotely while on the way home from work. Make sure you have a password on your Wi-Fi so that no nosey neighbors will try changing the settings.

When choosing what kind to buy, there are two versions of this fan – model 2 and 2s. Similar to iPhone X and Xs, the “s” has an extra feature. With the “s” model, you can take the fan to the back porch that doesn’t have an outlet. You simply carry this nice portable breeze anywhere you go. It has a battery that makes it last for 10 hours. This is normally how long my Android phone lasts. Fortunately, my Android shows how much battery I have left in percentages. That helps me to plan my day. With the fan, I have to take a guess – the app doesn’t show how much battery life it has left.

When I drive to work, sometimes I think about this fan. Believe it or not, it’s a difficult experience to enjoy a smooth breeze through open windows when it’s below 35 degrees. I wish the Smartmi fan’s calming, wavy winds could be a part of my car’s AC functions.