CleanLight Air works with aromatherapy to purify your air on the go

The CleanLIght Air portable UV air purifier, with added illustration to show how it works.
Credit: KeySmart

Since the coronavirus entered our lives, I have tried to be more diligent about protecting my family from harmful germs. 

This means staying safe and clean, not just inside of our home but also in our cars. One product that I found that gives me more peace of mind is the CleanLight Air portable UV air purifier ($100). It is small enough to fit into a 70mm cup holder, but I can also use it in my office (it purifies up to 161 square feet). I never thought I’d look for an air purifier for my car, but here we are.

This air purifier is equipped with a UVC LED light that uses UV-C rays to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also kills airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, and, of course, viruses! This light lasts 10,000 hours (or about three years). 

The H13 HEPA filter in the CleanLight Air removes 99% of particles like smoke, odors, dust, pet dander, and air pollution. The HEPA filter has a lifespan of 500 hours, meaning you should replace it every 2-3 months. Interestingly, the CleanLight Air has a USB output on the side that I can use to charge my iPhone and other devices.

While there are other portable air purifiers, the CleanLight Air includes an aromatherapy sponge. I especially appreciate the aromatherapy sponge as it allows me to add my favorite clean scents to the purified air. This really helps when my sons hop in the car after playing sports or working out!  

The CleanLight Air has two modes that allow me to increase or decrease the amount of wind produced. Both modes are relatively quiet, so that I can use this during my Zoom meetings with no interference.