Brunt’s multi-function tools work well and play even better

The Brunt leather work boots on the ground.
Credit: Brunt

Comfortable right out of the box, soft-touch leather boots that look great and walk quietly that are true work boots. Really? I’ve never experienced work boots like these. The soft leather uppers look great and they have not lost their shape even with the softer leather. The subtle stitching is complementary to the off-white sole.

These boots can go straight from work to a backyard bonfire. The interior lining is warm, breathable, and comfortable. The warmth is a good level for outdoor use in the fall/winter, but not for extreme cold. The Marin Comp Toe boot I tried was slip-resistant, and the lightweight nanocomposite toe is lighter and more protective than steel, and it just feels good. While my workplace doesn’t have shoe requirements, the built-in workwear features don’t affect the appeal of wearing these boots.

These boots are built for wider feet and run a bit big for their listed size. I wear about a 12, and the 11.5 were still a bit roomy, but I can see where some people would want this extra space to wear a thicker outdoor sock. I will do this when I wear them outdoors in the fall or winter. I do wish there were options to order these in narrower widths.

The boots came with removable insoles that could be added in or taken out to help adjust the fit, but again my feet were still a bit narrower, and these seemed to adjust for those with even wider feet (D and wider). Brunt calls this their Triple Layer Comfort System, and it does help to adjust the fit to varying widths.

Selling online only, the cost of these phenomenal tradesman boots was good at $145, especially for those who work outside.

A man at work wearing his Brunt work boots, Brunt pants, and Brunt sweatshirt.
Credit: Brunt

I was equally impressed by the Brunt Sweatshirt. It’s an instant favorite in a myriad of sweatshirts I own. The weight and durability are impressive. The unique hood shape and double snaps at the neck are ideal for looser or tighter adjustments that generally are not associated with a sweatshirt. The tech secure snaps inside the front pouch/pocket are ideal for keeping valuables more secure. There is also a wallet/phone compartment within the pouch for securing important items.

The fit is extremely comfortable for those with broader shoulders like me. The fit and durability exceed any other hoodie I own. It is my go-to sweatshirt for any relaxed day in cooler weather.

Brunt has truly cracked the code on high-quality, great-looking tools that you wear.